The Polter Box is a recurring enemy in the Mana series.

A low-level Mimic Box introduced in Trials of Mana, Polter Boxes may appear as consequences of roulette chests.

Trials of Mana[edit | edit source]

In the 2D version, can sometimes occur as a result of roulette. In the 3D version, masquerades as normal treasure until touched. Grows to 1.5x normal size as monster.

Legend of Mana[edit | edit source]

Monster[edit | edit source]

Polter Box (LoM).gif

Monster Locations:
Gato Grottoes
SS Buccaneer

Battle Drops:

  1.  Lucre
  2.  Exp + Lucre
  3.  Sunlight Crystal
  4.  Moon Crystal
  5.  Glow Crystal
  6.  Chaos Crystal
  7.  Goddess Mail
  8.  Goddess Mail

Pet[edit | edit source]

Polter Box Portait (LoM).gif

Egg Locations:
Tower of Leires

Rare Item


Default Stats:

  • Pow: 10
  • Skl: 2
  • Def: 3
  • Mgc: 3
  • HP: 10
  • Spr: 3
  • Chm: 3
  • Lck: 5
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