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The PocketStation is a Sony PlayStation peripheral that plugs into a memory card slot by flipping up a protective flap to expose the contacts. While capable of being used as a traditional memory card with the standard 15 8KB blocks, it also has a 32x32 monochrome dot matrix LCD screen, a single-channel PCM speaker, and 5 buttons arranged in a diamond on the left side and a single larger button on the right, making them useful as directional buttons and an action button. It also possesses an IR blaster and receiver, allowing for such features as game save trades between PocketStation units and even use as a universal remote via an appropriate app, a red LED communications indicator, and a number of printed items including logos, a serial number under the flap, and the PlayStation logo faintly embossed into the LCD screen, making it darker or lighter depending on the angle of the light. Features beyond use as a standard memory card are powered by a single coin cell battery.

Released in Japan in January 1999, it proved immensely popular, selling out quickly, and continuing to do so throughout its production run. While initial plans sought to release them worldwide, some accounts hold only a small number were shipped to the United States with the release of Final Fantasy VIII, while others hold it never reached foreign shores in any form. Regardless, larger ambitions were officially scuttled due to an inablility to keep up with Japanese demand and the release of the PlayStation 2 in the United States rendering them a peripheral for a last-gen system. Despite this, Japanese production continued over two years after the Japanese release of the PS2 until July 2002, resulting in over 5 million sold in 3½ years.

PocketStation games and apps are stored on select game CDs or downloaded via networked devices, taking up one or more memory card blocks. Those stored on game CDs are written to the memory card via some form of in-game interface in the PlayStation title, which manages reads, writes, and deletions. Games or apps written to the PocketStation are then displayed as title screens on the PocketStation's screen and can be scrolled between and selected using the buttons.

The Mana series has a PocketStation offering in Ring Ring Land in the Japanese version of Legend of Mana. This is unlocked upon gaining a Pet and is accessible in the Monster Corral's Monster Barn.

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