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The PlayStation 4, abbreviated as PS4, is a video game console from Sony. It is the successor to the PlayStation 3, and is part of the eighth console generation. As with other PlayStation consoles since the PS3, it has access to PlayStation Network. The initial model was released in November 2013.

As with the PS3 before it, the PS4 is marketed as a high-definition console and boasts improved capabilities over that previous model, such as the ability to record and stream live gameplay. However, it lacks the broad base format support shared by previous generations in the PlayStation family, requiring its own library of games and peripheral hardware. Sony uses the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Now cloud-gaming service as a means of distributing select software from earlier platforms.

As of Fall 2016, Sony has added two variant models to the PS4 family of devices. The high-end PS4 Pro is capable of displaying and recording games in the emerging 4K Ultra HD (UHD) standard. The standard Slim model replaces the original model with a more energy-efficient unit smaller in size and weight, though retaining many of the original unit's features in a like manner to previous PlayStation redesigns.

Mana titles on PlayStation 4[]

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