The following is a list of Pets that can be raised from eggs found in the game Legend of Mana.

Aerial TypeEdit

Beast TypeEdit

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Dragon TypeEdit

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Demi-Human TypeEdit

Demi-Humans are different, for they are not found in eggs. They just walk around a certain part of a specific area and join the player willingly (provided there isn't a pet in the party already), but there's a catch: their land needs to have certain elemental levels reached in order to make them appear.

Name Location/Elemental requirement
Chitto (Chobin Hood) Jungle/Dryad at Level 3
Guri (Goblin) Lumina/Shade and Dryad at Level 3
Mambo (Tomato Man) Norn Peaks/Salamander at Level 3
Tikkle (Sahagin) Duma Desert/Dryad at Level 3
Elysia (Succubus) Fieg Snowfields/Shade at Level 3
Fernando (Narcissos) Junkyard/Gnome at Level 3
Captain Dayang (Mad Mallard) Lake Kilma/Wisp at Level 3
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