Pelican (郵便ペリカン Yūbin perikan, lit. Postal Pelican) is a character from Legend of Mana. Also known as Amalette, Pelican is the local mail carrier who delivers practically everything with postage stamps affixed onto them. She is known to make mistakes very frequently and is not always punctual, but she does not appear to care.



Charged with the duty of delivering mail across the world of Fa'Diel, Pelican executes her responsibilities passionately, taking pride in her line of work, a fact that is proven by the cheerful ditties that she is observed to sing in Domina. Unfortunately enough, Pelican's enthusiasm juxtaposes the errors she is prone to committing, some of the more prominent ones including delivering mail to wrong establishments and mistaking people holding up stamps above their heads for mail, facts that are proven by her encyclopedia entry and her role in sending Capella to Luon Highway in Diddle's Letter respectively.

In spite of the frequency of the errors that she commits, Pelican further worsens her reputability by being blissfully immune to criticism, choosing instead to continue with the ways she is accustomed to.


Character InformationEdit

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Pelican Portrait
LoM Pelican Sprite The mail carrier who delivers practically everything. She often makes mistakes, and is not always on time, but she does not seem to care.

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