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Pearl (真珠姫 Shinju hime, lit. Pure Pearl Princess) is a major character from the Jumi story arc of Legend of Mana. Pearl functions as the Jumi Guardian of Elazul, possessing a pearl core in her pure, untarnished form. She is timid and tends to wander off and get lost when she is overly engrossed in brooding over her thoughts.

In her original form as the battle-scarred Knight of Florina, Pearl assumes the identity of Lady Blackpearl (レディパール Redi pāru, lit. Lady Pearl), where she is grimly confident, logical and level-headed, functioning as the antithesis to Pearl's inclination to be abashed and absent-minded. Possessing a core of black pearl, Lady Blackpearl devotes herself towards the cause of leading the Jumi through the threat of extinction during the events of Legend of Mana.



Pearl was born from Blackpearl's damaged core after Alexandra (now known as Sandra) had damaged Blackpearl's core by throwing a card on her and was found by Elazul in Duma Desert, becoming his guardian thereafter.

The Lost Princess[]

Her first appearance is when she is found in the Mekiv Caverns hiding from the monster. She gives the Hero/Heroine two artifacts before she leaves with Elazul.

Niccolo's Business Unusual[]

Later in Luon Highway with Niccolo, she appears lost again and doesn't know where she is. Niccolo comments that Elazul is probably back at the tavern in Domina interrogating people. She then walks out of the highway and goes looking for Elazul. This seems to be a forgotten feature or even a filler, as this appearance of hers does not affect any matter of other events, and the Player may very well continue without it. After The Lost Princess, she will be found only in the Tower of Leires, have the player interacted with her on the highway or not.

The Flame of Hope[]

Pearl was mentioned by Elazul when he was in Hero/Heroine's party after encountering Rubens. Due to Ruben's pessimistic behavior, Elazul tells the Hero/Heroine not to tell Pearl about Rubens otherwise her current condition might get worsen.

The Looking-Glass Tower[]

Pearl eventually ends up at the gates of the Tower of Leires saying that something led here, and she heard that the room at the top shows one's past. She accompanies Hero/Heroine throughout the tower until they reach the top room and find her alter-ego, Blackpearl, standing there before she disappeared and Iron Centaur attacked. After Iron Centaur's defeat, Elazul appears and quickly reprimands Pearl before he tells her to leave the tower with him. She asks Elazul to accompany Hero/Heroine to the bottom floor, and he hesitantly says yes to her request. He left them alone, and they raced down to the bottom floor. Before they left the tower, a note fell from the ceiling, and Pearl picked it up, reading that the jewel hunter had come to steal her core. Sandra appears and demands Pearl's core. Pearl resists handing over her core as Sandra summons a Jewel Beast and watches the fight from the sidelines. After the fight, Sandra comments on the Hero/Heroine before she gives Pearl a hasty remark and leaves the tower. Pearl thanks Hero/Heroine for protecting her and leaves the tower.

The Lucky Clover[]

Pearl appears when she runs into the bar in Domina and bumps into Elazul and the Hero/Heroine when they leave. She asks if they are going somewhere and when they answer yes, she says she doesn't want to be left alone. Elazul argues that a bar is a safe place for her until he agrees with the Hero/Heroine that she will stay at their place. She stays at their home for the remainder of the event. After they failed to save Esmeralda, Pearl was napping on the table and feeling comfortable having a family around her. It makes Elazul not tell her about Esmeralda's death, for having her not be sad and worried.


In this event, Pearl is kidnapped from the house by Sandra and taken to the back of the Mekiv Caverns. When Elazul and the Hero/Heroine get there, she is threatened by Sandra to either cry or have her core taken out. Elazul then steps in the way and tells Sandra to leave her alone. Sandra takes this opportunity to throw her calling card and scratches his core. As he falls to the ground hurt, Pearl runs to his side and holds him up. Sandra tells her to cry for her hurt knight and heal him with her tears. She tells her she can't and that Jumi can't cry at all. Sandra says she'll take her and Elazul's core if she doesn't cry. Pearl begins to pray to have the power to fight and turns into Blackpearl. Sandra, scared of Blackpearl, races off with Blackpearl and the Hero/Heroine follows after her. After the fight with the Jewel Beast, Sandra and Blackpearl both disappear.

Two Pearls[]

Pearl is in the top room of the Tower of Leires, with Blackpearl being hypnotized by her to become the next Clarius. Elazul stops Blackpearl, and they fight her. After she's defeated, Pearl reunites with Elazul, and they leave the tower.


Pearl appears in the bar in Domina with Elazul as he asks the Hero/Heroine to protect Pearl while he has something to do. After he leaves, she tells the Hero/Heroine that Elazul feels it was his fault that Esmeralda died and that he didn't save her. She suggests going to Geo to visit Diana, the Jumi of Diamond. They go to Geo and go to the basement of Kristie's Palace to find Diana crystallized to stone. They ask Kristie and Sotherbee about Diana and find out that Diana locked her heart and threw away three keys to her heart. Pearl explains that the only way to speak to Diana is to find them and unlock her heart. They find the three keys and go back to the basement to find Diana missing until Kristie explains that they moved the statue to the arena down below. They go to the arena and find Diana in the room. Before they use the keys, Elazul appears and says that he was there to speak to Diana himself. They use the keys, and Diana tells them about the Jewel Hunter. Before revealing her identity, Sandra appears and accuses Diana of using the Clarius as an emotionless tool. They deal with the Jewel Beast and beat it as Sandra takes Diana's core, leaving them devastated by the loss. Following Diana's death after Sandra takes her core, Pearl noticed a gem in a different color.


In Florina's dream, Pearl appears to Elazul before she turns to Blackpearl and talks to him about not wanting to turn back to Pearl.

Teardrop Crystal[]

Pearl and Elazul appear in Florina's secret place where the Hero/Heroine talks to Florina. Pearl turns into Blackpearl and offers to go with the Hero/Heroine to the Bejeweled City. If you go with Elazul, Pearl's core will be taken and fed to the Lord of Jewels. If Pearl was in the party, she can transform into Blackpearl upon battling the Jewel Beasts and her confrontation with Alex who is in fact Sandra as well as the Lord of Jewels since Elazul's core was taken and fed by the Lord of Jewels causing Blackpearl to get enraged for what they had done to Elazul. After the fight, the Hero/Heroine will shed a tear, and Pearl will be revived along with the deceased Jumi. If Pearl was in the party, she remained as Blackpearl and tries to stop the Hero/Heroine from shedding him/her tears but it was too late until Elazul and the rest of the deceased Jumi are revived. Pearl will find that Hero/Heroine has shed the Teardrop Crystal and turned to stone. She cries with everyone else to create another Teardrop Crystal to revive the Hero/Heroine. In the end, Pearl and Elazul appear at the house, telling Bud and Lisa the bad news. Then, the Hero/Heroine appears alive and happy as Pearl blushes, smiling at them.

From that Event onwards, Pearl and Blackpearl can be found in the Bejeweled City. Either she or Blackpearl can join Hero/Heroine on his/her adventure after reviving him/her from her and the rest of the Jumi at the climax of Teardrop Crystal. Pearl can be found at The Glowing Corridor at Level 2 on all days excluding Jinn day. Blackpearl is located at Throne of the Clarius at the topmost floor during Jinn day.


Pearl is a young lady with long blonde hair in a ragged style and has loose ringlets at the edge of her hair and green eyes. She wears a white dress with red trim, red cuffs, and pearl jewels. On her chest is a big white pearl which is actually her Jumi core of pearl and she wears white shoes.

In the anime, Pearl's hair are golden blonde and her eyes are blue green. The underskirt of her white dress from her main outfit are dark gray with gray rounded mosaic designs.


Owing to their differing roles in the Jumi society, with Pearl functioning as a Guardian and Lady Blackpearl functioning as a Knight, the personalities of both individuals naturally juxtapose each other. While Pearl is compassionate, docile, and abashed, Lady Blackpearl, by contrast, has a warrior's spirit and is markedly more confident, proud, and courageous. In this regard, the gemstones that compose each individual's core symbolically represent the antithesis inherent in their personalities; the pearl, for one, symbolizes purity and innocence, appositely reflecting Pearl's docile naivety. The black pearl, conversely, is the result of the flawless, untainted pearl being subjected to the taint of warfare and bloodshed, therefore encapsulating chaos; aptly reflecting the brazen love of fighting that defines Blackpearl.

Pearl's timid nature is unveiled right from the beginning when she is first introduced in The Lost Princess; in response to Elazul harshly berating her for wandering off without him, her response sees her frantically apologizing to him for being absent-minded, without so much as desiring to defend herself.

Blackpearl starkly contrasts her pure alter-ego's mellow personality; while Pearl is timid, shy, and easily subdued, Blackpearl is brash, confident, and overpowering in her countenance. Her response to Elazul's demand for Pearl to be returned to him in Two Pearls reveal as much, where she noticeably adopts a register that sheds Pearl's hesitance (absence of ellipsis) and is instead definably cold, defiant and intimidating. This mannerism portrayed by Blackpearl also bespeaks the pride that she harbors as the Knight of the exalted Florina. While this pride does serve as a moot point in instances like these which answer to her need for her to keep up her guard when regarding those she does not trust, it has proven to be a flaw as well; even though she is aware that locating the Sword of Mana is a futile one, her pride causes her to obstinately continue with the mission, all the while remaining hopelessly blind towards the fact that her Guardian Florina is ailing.


Character Information[]

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) Characters Encyclopedia icon (LoM) Encyclopedia Description
Pearl portrait (LoM)
Pearl (LoM) Elazul's partner. She sometimes has a tough time speaking clearly and is also very shy. Tends to wander off and get lost while thinking.

Battle Data[]

Pearl portrait (LoM)
Battle Portrait Synchro
Pearl battle portrait (LoM) Status Recover
Status abnormalities are removed.
Equip icon (LoM) Weapon Armour
Empty Slot icon (LoM) (Unarmed) Empty Slot icon (LoM)
Robe icon (LoM) WhiteRobe
Ring icon (LoM) PearlsCore
Skill icon (LoM) Abilities STs/Magic
Triangle Button icon (LoM) Crouch
Circle Button icon (LoM) Crouch
R1 Button icon (LoM) -
L1 Button icon (LoM) -
R2 Button icon (LoM) -
L2 Button icon (LoM) -

*Quality of metal depends on how much progress has been made in the game.


"This house is so...nice...Elazul, over here..."

"How many times are you going to ask me? I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"No matter how sad...I cannot shed tears. We can't cry!"

"I don't need the power to heal...Just give the power to fight!"

"Elazul thinks it's his fault that he failed to protect Esmeralda."

"That's right. After all, you're with me..."

"It's a ceremony of choosing partners. One Jumi first gathers keys of the heart. Then the Jumiawakens a stone guardian to become her Knight."

"What a lousy place..." In Arena in Kristie's Palace.

"Tears of healing...Teardrop crystals."

"I'll find Florina's teardrop crystal! I will. I promise!"



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