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Palo Port is a location in Trials of Mana. Located on the northeastern coast of the southeastern land mass, it serves as the gateway to Laurent via the Heavensway.

Famous inhabitants[]

Places of Interest[]



2020 Remake[]


2020 Remake[]

Name Cost Equippable by ATK MGC ATK
Broadsword 950 Duran 22 15
Twisted Rod 990 Angela 16 23
Bear Claw 920 Kevin 23 16
Light Flail 930 Charlotte 17 20
Rondel Blade 960 Hawkeye 20 19
Corseque 970 Riesz 20 18


2020 Remake[]

Name Cost Equippable by DEF MGC DEF
Lamellar Armor 750 Duran 14 11
Bee Gown 760 Angela 9 13
Duel Attire 760 Kevin 11 12
Popoi's Gown 750 Charlotte 10 14
Thief Cloak 760 Hawkeye 11 11
Stud Leathers 750 Riesz 12 11


2020 Remake[]

Name Cost
Candy 20
Faerie Walnut 150
Medical Herb 20
Cup of Wishes 300
Magic Rope 50

Treasure & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Cup of Wishes (1) On a narrow path linked to the harbor and below the item shop. Chapter II -
Honey Elixir (1) In a corner behind the house southwest of town. Chapter II -
Chocolate (1) In an alley behind the inn. Chapter II -
Chocolate (1) On a narrow pathway left to a weapon shop. Chapter II -

Li'l Cactus[]

Found in a small garden beneath a tree on the north side of town.

Character Observations[]

"These Nevarl agents standin' around are freaky."
—Duran (During Laurent invasion)
"If you need me, I'll be here. Good luck out there talking to the townsfolk."
—Angela (During Laurent invasion)
"Don't like boats... Swimming is better. Much better!"
—Kevin (During Laurent invasion)
"Huh... Things wook wough in this town. Pwobabwy thanks to those thieves."
—Charlotte (During Laurent invasion)
"Just look at what Isabella's done to us!"
—Hawkeye (During Laurent invasion)
"I will not let the Nevarl agents remain here!"
—Riesz (During Laurent invasion)

"I'm no good at fishin'. Who wants to sit still and stare at water for hours anyway?"
—Duran (After Laurent invasion)
"Could we just stay here and rest for a while? We've been fighting monsters for forever. I think we deserve a break."
—Angela (After Laurent invasion)
"Town is much livelier now! We did a good job!"
—Kevin (After Laurent invasion)
"Wook at aww the fish!"
—Charlotte (After Laurent invasion)
"Nevarl's forces have withdrawn from the area. What was Belladonna's plan? I guess it's no use to dwell on it now..."
—Hawkeye (After Laurent invasion)
"The kingdom has suffered many losses, but I am glad to see the people of this town doing well."
—Riesz (After Laurent invasion)

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