The leader of Nevarl. He joined hands with Pedda to start the war against the world. He has been after Qucas to avenge his brother who was killed five years ago.

Heroes of Mana Edit

Olbex has Navarl join with Pedda and invades the other kingdoms. He invades Laurent and kills Galura, letting Roget's part go when Minerva offers herself as a hostage (breaking a standoff between the two). He then continues to aid Pedda in their war against the rest of the world.

He later attacks the party at Gusthall. He holds Minerva at sword point and tells everyone to surrender and hand over the Laurent refugees to him as slaves. But while he goes into a long speech about the end justifying the means in war, Jinn uses his magic to create a barrier around Minerva, nullifying his advantage. Olbex is forced to battle the party head on and charges Qucas, hoping to avenge his brother, but is mortally wounded instead. Oddly enough, before dying, he gives Falcon his blessing about her leaving the tribe, encouraging her to find her own path. He then tries to take Qucas with him using a suicide bomb. But again, Jinn's magic caused him to go to the other side alone.

Circle of ManaEdit

Rank Image Classes Quote
SUR SUR 0101 SUR 0102 SUR 0103 SUR 0104 Thief
Ninja Master
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