For the enemy, see Master Ninja.
"Amongst of all ninja, there are only followers, and then there are masters. The Ninja Master instead follows the path of the ninja with virtue and devotion, turning to focusing on mastering the basics and reinforcing the foundations to their ultimate limit. Because of this intense adherence to training, the Ninja Master is able to utilize even the most basic ninjutsu in the most devastating ways, wields blades with such proficiency that makes their attacks seem like a storm of blows, and has mastered the art of stealth to where it is if the darkness is an extension of their abode. Though the art of the ninja is that of deception and subterfuge, only Ninja Masters are honored as the strongest of ninja and follow their own path of rectitude that is forged by their own fists."

Ninja Master (上忍, Jōnin?) is a final class used by Hawkeye in Trials of Mana. It is his Dark-Light class.

Trials of Mana Edit

  • Fan translated Name: Ninja Master
  • Name: Ninja Master

The Ninja Master class is the Dark-Light job path of the Thief class for Hawkeye. The Ninja Master expands on the versatility of the Ninja class, allowing for a direct supportive role in tactical planning, including multi cast Ninjutsu spells and the technical versatility found in Light physical orientated classes. In turn, while its physical self sufficiency pales to its Dark-Dark counterpart, the Ninja Master thus demands calculated moves, the correct commanding of other party members to act to the plan, and to know who to strike down before moving in for the kill of the strongest foes. It also comes with the devastating solo-target Shadow Dive technique, which with a proper strategy can land some serious damage towards foes when used in conjunction with the Thunder Technique.

Sword of Mana Edit

Requirements: Thief Type 20 + Random Type 10 + Magician Type 5

  • Ninja Master
  • Accuracy +10
  • Critical Hit +20
  • Evasion +20
  • FiWaWiEa MagAtk +10

Heroes of Mana Edit

Arm #23 Armlet of Precision (必中のうでわ)
Power +25
An armlet worn by ninja masters.

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