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Niccolo as depicted in Legend of Mana.

Nikita, also known as Niccolo or Neko, is a recurring character in the Mana series.

Generally taking on a feline or leporine appearance, Nikita is often depicted as an easygoing, shrewd business-creature, and so takes advantage of every opportunity to make a lucre. He is known to take on any number of occupations, from salesman to brigand to merrymaker and nearly everything in between. However, as a source of comic relief, Nikita's animal instincts tend to land him in particularly dangerous situations, from which the heroes may have to rescue him.


Sword of Mana[]

Main article: Niccolo (Sword of Mana)

Secret of Mana[]

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Known as Neko in all international versions, Nikita makes his debut as an anthropomorphic lavender calico cat, traveling the world to sell his wares to adventurers. He can be met for the first time at his own shop west of Potos Village, where he also runs an inn. Throughout the party's quest, he changes twice the retail price of most consumable items.

Trials of Mana[]

Main article: Niccolo (Trials of Mana)

Niccolo, along with Chikeeta and Josephine, is a Merchant Cat; but he would end up leaving his order to become a member of the Nevarl guild of honorable thieves. While there, he became friends with Hawkeye and was initially part of the guild's final raid on Sirhtan. When the guild reports back to Flamekhan, the leader is found in league with the evil witch Belladonna who then murders Eagle and takes Jessica hostage to cover up her plans. Hawkeye is framed and left to his execution in the dungeons, but Niccolo bombs him free and tells Hawkeye to head for the Priest of Light, who he believes can lift Belladonna's Choker of Death from Jessica's neck. After a brief enthrallment, Niccolo assists Hawkeye at other points in the story.

Legend of Mana[]

Main article: Niccolo (Legend of Mana)

Niccolo (ニキータ Nikīta, lit. Nikita in the Japanese versions) is a character who first debuts in Legend of Mana. Niccolo is an anthropomorphic rabbit who works as a traveling salesman, one who believes that he brings happiness to his customers with his transactions. In reality, Niccolo's avaricious, miserly ways are ones that have seen him swindling quite a number of characters with well-played tricks, some of whom include Kristie, Sotherbee and Teapo. He is said to dislike the Sproutlings and the Flowerlings.

Children of Mana[]

Main article: Wanderer (Children of Mana)

Wanderer is one of the protagonists in Children of Mana, and a member of the Niccolo "tribe".

Echoes of Mana[]

Nicco is a shady merchant first met in Chapter 3, while the party is looking to explore the ruins in the middle of a lake. He tries to sell a worn boat to the heroes, only to be foiled by the wolfkin warrior Blainchet, who then invites them to use the boat despite it having no known owner. Nicco, like Niccolo from Trials of Mana, was transcribed as having a Mid-Atlantic US dialect; but his use of the plural "yous" may indicate a Philadelphia tilt.

Wanderer first appears during the Event "Searching for Lost Luster". He comes across Elazul and Hawkeye searching for Pearl. He mentions that a girl with a pearl headed towards the direction of Mekiv Caverns, but wasn't certain that the girl with the pearl had it in white after they headed there. He soon heads over to the Mekiv Caverns to witness a battle occuring with Elazul's party and Lady Blackpearl. He intervenes and tries to warn them about a creature living inside the caverns, but is unsuccessful as the battle continues and attracts it over to them. The party is able to defeat the beast, but a cave-in separates them apart. Wanderer sees Blackpearl leaving and questions if she's alright heading off without a farewell, which she answers that they will meet again.

Other iterations of Nikita appear as character cards; Niccolo from Legend of Mana and Wanderer from Children of Mana debuted as cards with base 3-star rarity.


Nikita is a unisex name prevalent in multiple cultures throughout the world. As a male given name of Slavic origin, it is a diminutive of Nikolai, whose English equivalent is Nicholas. As a female given name, it shares its Greek and Slavic origins with its male counterpart, but owes its use to pop culture references.

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