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Niccolo (Nikita in the fan translation and japanese version) is a non-player character in Trials of Mana. He appears as a supporting character in Hawkeye's storyline as a member of Nevarl's thieves' guild.


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Opening - Hawkeye[]

Niccolo was present during the raid on the home of an obscenely wealthy merchant in Sirhtan, from whom Hawkeye claimed a chest full of lucre. His exact role is not explained, but he provides some cover for their escape. He then returns to his shop in the fortress.

As Hawkeye was framed for the murder of his close friend Eagle, he was sent to a prison cell deep in the fortress. Niccolo crafts a bomb and blows out the rear wall of the cell, leading to an escape tunnel that links with the shop. He sends Hawkeye on his way, knowing in full that he was not at fault for the murder. Before the pair part ways, Niccolo advises Hawkeye to seek the Priest of Light and vows to keep watch over Jessica.

Chapter II[]

Unfortunately, Niccolo succumbs to Belladonna's magic and accompanies Nevarlan forces in their siege of Palo and Laurent. In this state, he becomes mute and unresponsive, much to Hawkeye's anguish. Niccolo is later freed as the heroes recapture the Citadel. When they return to Palo, the party observes Niccolo being accosted by two residents still angry over the siege. Hawkeye intervenes to tell them Niccolo was not of his own mind during the siege, and they stand down. Niccolo thanks the party for rescuing him, after which the heroes continue their quest.

Completing Niccolo's event awards Hawkeye the Lucky Find II Chain Ability if he is in the party.

Chapter III[]

In their search for the remaining elementals, the party runs into Belladonna before the Fiery Gorge, who releases Jessica from the Choker of Death but keeps her hostage while sending Bill and Ben to settle an old score. They are dispatched, but this frees Belladonna to go after the Firestone unimpeded. With Jessica still in tow, Belladonna confronts the heroes having released the Firestone's mana energy, sacrificing Bill and Ben instead. If Hawkeye is in the party, Niccolo throws the poison dart that distracts Belladonna and forces her to flee. He then takes Jessica to Diin to allow her to recover from her ordeal.

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Niccolo appears to be of the same species as Neko, the traveling merchant from Secret of Mana. He, like Neko, uses cat vocalizations and puns in the 3D version (e.g. "Purriest of Light"). In the japanese version, he ends his sentences with the interjection "nya", which is the japanese equivalent of "meow".

  • He comes to share the name of the character from Legend of Mana; his original name from the source material is changed to match the translation conventions as found overseas, as both share the name Nikita from its original source material.
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