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Niccolo is a anthropomorphic leporine creature and travelling salesman in Sword of Mana.

He appears sporadically in some locations to sell his wares to the player character.


His first appearance is when he accidentally hooks the Hero with his fishing rod after the latter fell down the waterfall in his prologue. After helping the hero coming to consciousness, both introduce themselves. The young man tries to inquire about his whereabouts, but the traveling merchant claim to ignore the name as he just arrived here. Niccolo says he's going to Topple Village.

Later, Niccolo is seen in town where he stops the Hero asking him were he's heading to. He then sells him Popoi's Notebook for 10 Lucre, then disappears again.

Further down the road, Niccolo is seen again wandering on the Path to Cave where he explains the basics of the Metaballs to the Hero. Later on, the Hero encounters the merchant loitering in a small clearing in Vinquette Vicinity. He then proceeds to force the player character into buying the Cactus Essence for 50 Lucre. He then explains to the player how to create and manage the Hot House.

He can be found afterwards in various locations where he will sell you items and equipment.

Niccolo's General Store[]

Recovery Items[]

  • Angel Grail.gifAngel Grail
  • Chocolump.gifChocolump
  • Gumdrop.gifGumdrop
  • GummiFrog.gifGummi Frog
  • Magic Walnut.gifMagic Walnut
  • Prestoveggie.gifPrestoveggie
  • Stardust Herb.gifStardust Herb

Meat Items[]

  • Mixed Meat.pngMixed Meat
  • Phantom Meat.pngPhantom Meat
  • Spicy Meat.pngSpicy Meat

Raw Materials[]

  • Ore Icon.pngAltena Alloy
  • Wood Icon.pngAsh Wood
  • Wood Icon.pngBaobab Wood
  • Wood Icon.pngCharcoal
  • Wood Icon.pngDion Wood
  • Ore Icon.pngForcena Iron
  • Ore Icon.pngGranz Steel
  • Wood Icon.pngHolly Wood
  • Ore Icon.pngLorimar Iron
  • Ore Icon.pngMaia Lead
  • Ore Icon.pngMenos Bronze
  • Ore Icon.pngMistletoe Wood
  • Ore Icon.pngMythril Silver
  • Wood Icon.pngOak Wood
  • Ore Icon.pngOrichalcum


  • Accessory icon (SwoM).pngBelle Bell
  • Accessory icon (SwoM).pngChimpfish Iris
  • Accessory icon (SwoM).pngCardinal Eye1
  • Accessory icon (SwoM).pngFlame Flicker1
  • Accessory icon (SwoM).pngDraupnir1

1The following items only appear after the player buys 251 things from Niccolo total. The easiest way is to buy Gumdrops, then sell them back to him once the player reaches 99 units, and repeat the process. This can be a tedious process nonetheless since there is no way to buy multiple amounts of any item. The player is forced to exit the buying menu for each single unit transaction.

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