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For other characters with the same or similar names, see Nikita.

Niccolo (ニキータ Nikīta, lit. Nikita in the Japanese versions) is a character who first debuts in Legend of Mana. Niccolo is an anthropomorphic rabbit who works as a traveling salesman; he believes that his transactions with his customers brings happiness to them. In reality, Niccolo's avaricious, miserly ways are ones that have seen him swindling several characters with well-played tricks, some of whom include Kristie, Sotherbee, and Teapo. He is said to dislike the Sproutlings and the Flowerlings.

Niccolo returns in Sword of Mana as a traveling salesman yet again, and can occasionally be found wandering through dungeons and the field map, in hopes of securing sales with unsuspecting clients.


Legend of Mana[]

Niccolo's Business Unusual[]

Niccolo is first met in Domina's marketplace. He comments that the highway is dangerous and asks whether the player agrees. The player disagrees and Niccolo then asks if they'd agree to work with him.

After accepting Niccolo's offer, he stops by at Mark's house to talk to Teapo. He offers her the Wheel artifact for 50,000 Lucre, which is absurdly costly for her. Since Teapo cannot make such a payment, Niccolo passes the Wheel to the player.

The player and Niccolo then head to Luon Highway for his business, and reaching the end; they encounter two Chobin Hoods demanding money. They are not pleased by either the money the player gives them or the candy. The Chobin Hoods call out for their master, a Mantis Ant, to defeat the player and Niccolo. However, their master was no match for the player and Niccolo.

Niccolo thanks the player for their assistance and says he'll make them rich, but he ends up making them pay 300 Lucre (or the remainder of their money if they have below 300 Lucre) for a helmet, a Greenball Bun, and a Tako Bug. He passes along several artifacts as well. After noticing the player frowning, he dashes off the highway.

Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 2[]

Niccolo is now at the Items Shop in Gato Grottoes, he's gathering Greenballs, but he has to traverse through the dungeon to get to the waterfall. After the player agrees to help him, they make their way to the waterfall.

Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 3[]

He attempts to catch the Flowerling, but the Flowerling uses "super-psychokinesis" to warp himself away, also altering most of the gates. He suspects the Flowering is fake before he demands to leave the Ruins. Eventually, the player and Niccolo manage to find their way back to the entrance.

Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 4[]

Niccolo Calls It Quits?[]

Before meeting him, Niccolo was to gather some herbs to treat Kristine for a ludicrous amount of Lucre. However, while gathering, he falls off from the Cajun Bird's nest and is washed ashore on Polpota Harbor's beachside, where he suffers from amnesia.

Bringing him to Kristine's palace, she and Sotherbee took notice of his amnesia, which the amnesiac Niccolo found to be his job to collect the herbs for her without payment. During one trip to gather the last of the herbs, Niccolo fell off the Cajun Bird's Nest and is cured of his amnesia. Unaware of his amnesiac times, Niccolo quickly asks them for his payment, which shocks Kristine and Sotherbee. Being unable to pay him, Niccolo instead hires them for his business, finishing the last of the Events revolving around Niccolo.

After this Event, Niccolo can now be found in Geo at the bar for joining the party.

The Blessed Elixir[]

Niccolo plays a minor part in this quest. He has entered Gato Grottoes and drunk the elixir. The effects caused him to be drunk, attacking the player in self-defense. Eventually, he was knocked out.

If the player brings him along to the oasis in Duma Desert, and returns to Gato Grottoes, the nuns express their joy that he has been 'caught'. Niccolo expresses displeasure afterward.

Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal[]

At one point of time before the events of Lapis Lazuli: Part 1, Shiloh follows Niccolo onto Luon Highway. After defeating the Mantis Ant that inhabits there, Niccolo forcefully haggles 300 Lucre from Shiloh for a 'deal' of a bunch of greenball buns.

Lapis Lazuli: Part 2[]

Niccolo first appears being questioned by Inspector Boyd near Shiloh's house. When Shiloh comes over to greet Boyd, Niccolo attempts to make light of calling Shiloh a 'merchant buddy'. Shiloh argues about the 'deal' at Luon Highway and demands for the 300 Lucre he has been haggled from 'purchasing' greenball buns. Niccolo refuses to return the payment and hastily runs off.


Niccolo appears in a flashback visiting Gato and while walking through the pathways, he bumps onto a faerie, but is unable to perceive her visually. The faerie pulls a prank on him by pulling strands of his fur out and shocks him that he hastily leaves the area.

Sword of Mana[]

Depending on whose storyline is being played, Niccolo is encountered in two locations; in the Hero's storyline, he is seen fishing in a lake where he "catches" the hero after he is thrown off the bridge of Granz Castle; in the Heroine's storyline, he is met in the nearby village of Topple, where he gives the player (regardless of the protagonist) Popoi's Notebook, as well as advice about Mana Statues.


Niccolo seems a bit selfish, at least in the English version of Sword of Mana. Early in the Heroine's story, you can overhear him muttering about what to do with the ratty old notebook he found (which is then sold to you as Popoi's Notebook for 10 lucre). The only reason why he saves the Hero is that he thought he caught a massive fish and then remembered something about how being a good Samaritan is a good way to get customers.


Legend of Mana[]

Character Information[]

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) Characters Encyclopedia icon (LoM) Encyclopedia Description
Niccolo portrait (LoM)
Niccolo (LoM) He believes that he brings happiness to his customers with his transactions, but he sometimes plays dirty tricks on them. Dislikes the Sproutlings and Flowerlings.

Battle Data[]

Niccolo portrait (LoM)
Battle Portrait Synchro
Niccolo battle portrait (LoM) Bonus Lucre
Gain more Lucre than usual.
Equip icon (LoM) Weapon Armour
Gloves icon (LoM) SalesmanGlove Hat icon (LoM) MerchantsCap
Hauberk icon (LoM) TravelersGarb
Boots icon (LoM) SalesmanBoots
Skill icon (LoM) Abilities STs/Magic
Triangle Button icon (LoM) Somersault
Circle Button icon (LoM) Back-Roll
R1 Button icon (LoM) Lightning Kick
L1 Button icon (LoM) Jawbreaker
R2 Button icon (LoM) Giant Swing
L2 Button icon (LoM) A Gift For You

Echoes of Mana[]

Character Profile Description[]

"A merchant who has travelled city to city peddling wares for generations. His 'money-crazy' dealings have led to more than a few unsatisfied customers. Niccolo isn't very fond of sproutlings or flowerlings. As for faeries, he might dislike them as well - if he could see them, that is."


"I want to go on an adventure. Come with me."

"Niccolo will bring smiles to all."

"You're cruel."

"Even in a dream, I haven't forgotten how to make money. Sometimes I amaze myself."

"...I don't like this at all."


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