Moon Palace Map

The Moon Palace is a dungeon in Secret of Mana. One of the world's eight Mana palaces, it is suspended in a starry sky above the Kakkara Desert. Home to the Mana Seed of the Moon and serving as the shrine of the lunar elemental Luna, it is the seventh palace visited by Randi's party. Although Flammie can fly over the Moon Palace, he cannot land near it.

Story[edit | edit source]

Having searched for the elusive Sage Joch through two previous palaces and still unable to find him, the party returns to Jehk in the Lofty Mountains. Though frustrated with the party's persistence, Jehk gives them another clue as to where Joch may be. To get to the Moon Palace, the party flies back to Kakkara and must find a landscape of fallen stars. Proceeding north, the party comes to a boat piloted by Karon, who agrees to shuttle them to the Palace. Assailed by alien life, the party enters the Moon Palace and finds naught but space. With but a single set of torches to light their way, the party tracks down a crystal orb. Primm calls Lumina, whose Lucent Beam engulfs the area in a bright light, thus exposing the true path to the dais. A trickster by nature, the faerie-like Luna welcomes the party and grants them her power.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

If you fly Flammie over the big black circle, you will find out that you cannot land in the middle of it; in front of the Moon Palace. Instead, you will have to land near the border of it. Do so. Go north and enter Karon's ferry-a friendly Robin Foot brings you to the Moon Palace.

Karon will be waiting so you can go inside the palace. Avoid the Marmablues; they have a Magic Absorb spell. When you go through the door, you will arrive in a seemingly-empty, black, full-of-Marmablues area. There is a Crystal Orb in here. To find it, you will have to walk around until you stumble upon it. Or, from the entrance, head one screen up and go all the way left/right. Sylphid's Analyzer indicates that Lumina's magic will work. Let the girl cast Lucent Beam for the room to turn "normal". The next room is the stage room!

Head north and you will find an elemental. This time it is Luna, the moon elemental. Without hesitation, she bestows her powers upon both magic users.

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