Moogles in Secret of Mana.

Moogles are a strange diminutive race of friendly creatures in the Mana games, first originating in the popular Final Fantasy series.

Moogles made their first appearance as a race in Secret of Mana, as the game was originally set to appear as a direct sequel to Final Fantasy Adventure before being developed as a standalone game. Various sources suggest that the Mana games intended to maintain a connection with Final Fantasy; the games' development, however, suggests otherwise.



Moogles are small bipedal creatures with an appearance akin to a cat or a bear. They are often covered from head to toe in fur, which appears in various brightnesses from yellow to bright white. Moogles also have small batlike wings protruding from the mid-back; but unlike their counterparts in Final Fantasy, the moogles of Mana do not use their wings for any purpose.


Though quite timid by nature, Moogles are capable of communicating with others, but are limited to vocalizations of "kupo" or "kupi" and fragments thereof. Despite this, they have an emotional range comparable to humans. Little else can be inferred from moogle speech, and so it must be interpreted by a being familiar with moogles.


Secret of ManaEdit

Moogles are found in the Upper Land, where they have settled in Moogle Village amid the Forest of Seasons. They are displaced by monsters. When the party arrives in the Upper Land, Popoi is the first to assess the moogles' plight, and tells the others that they should help by clearing the monsters away. When they do, the moogles return and give Popoi a valuable clue.

Digital preorders of the HD remake included an option for the party to don custom-fitted moogle suits with wings in each member's color.

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