The Mindflare is a boss in Sword of Mana.

After a confrontation with Devius, he transforms into Mindflare.


Enemy Stats
HP Icon SDOM.png Power Icon SDOM.png Defense Icon SDOM.png Agility Icon SDOM.png Intellect Icon SDOM.png Mind Icon SDOM.png Experience Icon SDOM.png Lucre icon.png
438 45 47 40 35 36 70 105

Weapon Effectiveness
Sword SDOM.gif Staff SDOM.gif Knuckles SDOM.gif Flail SDOM.gif Sickle SDOM.gif Bow SDOM.gif Lance SDOM.gif Axe SDOM.gif Morning Star SDOM.gif

Elemental Effectiveness
Wisp SDOM.gif Shade SDOM.gif Luna SDOM.gif Salamander SDOM.gif Undine SDOM.gif Dryad SDOM.gif Jinn SDOM.gif Gnome SDOM.gif
🞪 🞪 🞪

Attack Effectiveness
A circle (◯) means that the enemy is normally affected by that attack
A triangle (△) means that the enemy is strong against that attack
A bullseye (◎) means that the enemy is weak against that attack
A cross (🞪) means that the enemy is immune against that attack


This can be easy or hard, depending on how strong you are and how you play your cards here. Basically, if you have been training and upgrading weapons, this should not be a huge problem for you. The only "challenging" thing about Mindflare is that you fight him on this rotating platform and you can only hit him when he lands and stops floating around. Mindflare himself does not have a lot of really serious attacks, but he has these Blue Homing Balls that if they touch you, they can inflict Darkness, which is a pain. The easiest way to go at him is to wait until he lands and stays in one spot, then run in the direction the platform is moving so you get to him FAST and crash into him so you stop moving and just nail the hell out of him with your Weapons. Magic is not suggested for this Battle, as its way too hard to use it right. Just get close and whack away at him and you will win.


Popois Notebook SDOM.png Locations Popois Notebook SDOM.png
Devius Manor
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