Meimei (メイメイ) is a character from Legend of Mana. 22 years of age, Meimei functions as the glamorous local fortuneteller of Domina, charging 10 Lucre each time her services are engaged. She is said to have led a luxurious and exciting life, but has passed that up in favour of saving money for her old age.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Meimei, apart from the fact that prior to taking up residence in Domina as the local fortune-teller, she led a life that was "glamorous", presumably one that was definably swathed in riches and luxuries.

Judging from the delivery of her fortune-telling services, it can be perceived that she is a practical individual, using her skill in this field in order to aid her in nurturing a nest egg for her retirement.

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Character Information[edit | edit source]

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon.png Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Meimei Portrait.png
LoM Meimei Sprite.png A glamorous fortune teller. She led a luxurious and exciting life, but now she seems to be saving money for her old age.

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