Medusa AOM
is a boss in Final Fantasy Adventure, Sword of Mana, Dawn of Mana and Adventures of Mana.

Final Fantasy Adventure/Sword of Mana/Adventures of Mana Edit

When Sumo arrives in Jadd pursuing Amanda, he learns that her brother Lester has been turned into a bird by Davias and only Medusa's tear can change him back, prompting him to take Amanda with him into the desert to find her.

When they do, she attacks them, and they fight back, killing her. She uses her final breath to taunt them and refuse to give them tears. Unfortunately, Sumo has the last, however bitter, laugh when it's revealed that Amanda was bitten by Medusa at an unknown moment during the battle (regardless of the player's performance) and is turning into a Medusa herself.

She give Sumo tears as she begs him to end her suffering before she becomes a monster like Medusa. With them in hand, Sumo goes and rescues Lester, slaying Davias in the process.

In Sword of Mana she is a Demon from Mavolia, her name is mentioned as being cursed and her Boss Form resembles Zable Fahr.

Dawn of Mana Edit

When possessing the Tree Maiden Ritzia the older Tree Maiden Anise (possessed by the Echoes of her namesake Anise the Witch) is referred to by ingame subtitles and her Boss Name as Medusa.

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