Secret of Mana Remake - Emperor Vandole and his generals

Example of Mavoles from Secret of Mana

The Mavole/Demons are a race in the Mana series. They are a demonic species that hails from the Underworld of Mavolia.

Many of the antagonists of the Mana series have either been or had connections to Mavole. In the world of Sword of Mana, however, some Mavole and humans have formed friendships or even romantic relationships, and it seems as if the conflict between the two races is not as strong here as in other worlds.

In Dawn of Mana the Thanatos are a subset of Mavole spawned from Anise's Echoes who create the Grimslies.

A few Demons are Undead(such as Malocchio, Count Lee and Thanatos). Furthermore Game Mechanics list various Demons as other Enemy Types(such as the aforementioned Undead as well as Sheex who is classed as a Plant when fought as Aegagropilon and Belladonna who is classed as a Beast).

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