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Matelo (Mataro in the fan translation) is a non-player character in Trials of Mana.


He is first met in Chapter I, where he is a "supernatural enthusiast" who lives in Beiser. His dream at the time is to become a ghost.

In Chapter II, Matelo ends up aboard the Ghost Ship and is successful in becoming a ghost after reading the cursed ship's log. When the heroes approach it, Matelo reacts with delight, but soon finds displeasure in his current state and ends up transferring the curse onto the current party leader. What becomes of him after the ship vanishes is not initially known, but he manages to return to Beiser nonetheless.

The party can later obtain the More Encounters Chain Ability by simply talking to him again in Beiser after the Ghost Ship ride.


Matelo is most likely derived from the French word matelot meaning sailor, which is fitting considering his interest in the Ghost Ship.

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