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Matango is a town in Secret of Mana. It is inhabited entirely by sentient mushrooms, who resemble Mushbooms but are not aggressive.

Location[edit | edit source]

Matango is located at the foot of a mountain chain in the northwest region of the Upper Land. It can be reached on foot by traveling through the Great Forest and a cave, or by riding Flammie. There is also a Cannon Travel Center nearby.

Story[edit | edit source]

The party discovers Matango after meeting Popoi's grandfather and gaining the power of Sylphid. They go to Fung Castle to speak with King Truffle, who tells them where to find a legendary white dragon.

Other residents report witnessing dragons fighting giant snakes. Traveling north from Fung Castle, the party encounters a Great Viper in a clearing and defeats it. They then find a lone young white dragon in the cave behind the clearing, having survived what appears to be a mass kill of its species. As it is too large to travel with the party, King Truffle offers to raise it, believing that it may fulfill the Matangese legend. He names the dragon Flammie. With few clues as to where the next Mana Seed may be, Truffle advises the party to travel to Kakkara, the Fire Palace being the closest.

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