Mark (マーク Māku) is a character from Legend of Mana. The proprietor of Domina's item shop "Knight of Jema", Mark is a 38-year-old anthropomorphic beetle who is the husband of Jennifer and the father of Rachel. Although he evidently cherishes his family members, his love for them is quite excessive, a fact that has caused them immense chagrin. Mark particularly dotes on Rachel, personally designing her room to resemble a little girl's dream come true and lovingly outfitting her with a Faerie costume, all the while oblivious to the fact that she has outgrown this brand of love.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Mark is portrayed to be a family-oriented person, and is one who, as previously mentioned, clearly loves his family members immensely, especially his daughter Rachel. Contrary to his rather severe appearance, Mark is a patient, jovial and amicable individual, a fact that is especially explicated through the bubbly quips that he showers upon Rachel.

Rather ironically, this love of his also proves to be his biggest flaw, as it is evident that it is rather excessive, especially in the manner by which he regards Rachel. Speaking to Jennifer when she is roaming the marketplace sheds light on this matter, where she voices dissent over the fact that her husband's love for Rachel is abnormal and erratic, prompting her to prefer being away from home.

Mark's mode of parenting is also one that can, in a word, be considered to be disturbing; completely oblivious to the fact that Rachel is a teenager with needs that are worlds different from those of an adolescent's, he insists on outfitting her room with "girly" paraphernalia, alongside dressing her in a rather juvenile Faerie costume. Making matters worse is the fact that Rachel, despite having tried to express her discomfort over his simpering love, has been ignored by her father.

According to the events of the Rachel quest, Mark's behaviour is entirely attributed to a deep sense of insecurity, one that has compelled him to believe that Rachel does not love him sufficiently. This has thus motivated him into showering her with a brand of love that is excessive and which she has long outgrown.

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LoM Mark Sprite.png The owner of Domina's item shop and also Rachel's father. He really loves his family, but they seem to be a little sick of his overdose of love.

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