AoM Marcie

Marcie from Adventures of Mana

Marcie, short for Mummy Seeker (マミーシーカー) and also known as Marshall in the English version, is one of the partner characters of Sword of Mana and Adventures of Mana.


Marcie is a warbot created using Mana power during the time of Vandole's reign, made to guard the Dime Tower, one of the two paths to the Mana Sanctuary. However, upon Vandole's defeat, Dime Tower was buried beneath the sands of the Glass Desert with Marcie (and many other ruined warbots) still in it, to be forgotten.

When a boy and a girl arrive at the resurfaced Dime Tower in order to reach the Mana Sanctuary and defeat Julius, a lonely Marcie seeks their friendship, and so joins Hero or Heroine (depending on whose perspective the game is being played from) on their journey to the top. However, after defeating the Golem, the tower's defence systems activate and the tower begins to crumble. At this point, the other character arrives and, after a brief introduction, the three ascend to the peak of the tower together. However, upon getting there, the bridge to the Mana Sanctuary teleport point breaks after Hero crosses it, with the gap too wide for Heroine to jump across. Heroine tells Hero to go on without her, but Marcie appears and, reassuring them that he can fly using his back rockets and will follow, throws Heroine across to Hero. However, Marcie can't operate outside of Dime Tower and so, after saying farewell, goes down with the tower.


In battle, Marcie comes equipped with a laser (a weapon unique to him), but no magic. He joins in both Hero and Heroine's storylines, and does so only once: for the journey through Dime Tower.


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