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The Mantis Ant is a recurring creature in the Mana series of games. It is typically depicted as a giant insect with a hard exoskeleton and two sickle-shaped forelimbs that appears to stand up on its remaining pairs of legs. Its coloration varies according to each of its appearances, but is usually bright green with brown and/or yellow segments on the limbs. It may or may not also have a stone-gray abdomen.


Final Fantasy Adventure and Adventures of Mana[]

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Secret of Mana[]

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Legend of Mana[]

Mantis Ant is the boss of Niccolo's Business Unusual quest. It is fought at the end of Luon Highway.

Defeating it earns the hero two Artifacts and a Lucre reward.

Echoes of Mana[]

The Mantis Ant from Secret of Mana appears as the stage boss of Echo 2: Verdigourd, itself a memory of the world. Defeating it will release Randi to take the Mana Sword, thereby restoring the corrupted record.