The party examining one of the crystals in Mandala Temple

Mandala Temple is a location in Secret of Mana. It is located north of Mandala.

Mandala Temple is a popular destination for pilgrims and contains seven crystals that play recorded sounds and images ("veedios") from the past.

One of crystals explodes when you try to view its contents, and another one is broken. The other five reference modern Earth culture:

  • A quiz show, in which the contestant has just answered correctly and become the new champion.
  • A pop song/talent contest.
  • An argument regarding the overuse of Mana power and the resulting consequences.
  • A live news broadcast of Lorima launching missiles at the Empire after a threat to take Lorima's capital by nightfall.
  • A live news broadcast of the Mana Beast's attack on the Mana Fortress and subsequent rampage.

In the 2018 remake, the country that attacked the Empire was called Lorim, as in Adventures of Mana, and its capital was identified as Wendel. In addition, the quiz show, which was implied to be Jeopardy! in 1993, was changed to ask for a "final answer" which implies Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? instead. Furthermore, the correct answer of "Abe Lincoln" is removed.

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