Mana Stone (SD3)

A Mana Stone in Trials of Mana

The Mana Stones are a plot element in Trials of Mana and Legend of Mana.

Trials of ManaEdit

There are eight Mana Stones in the world, each of which corresponds to one of the eight elements. They were used to imprison the Benevodons after the Mana Goddess defeated them with the Mana Sword.

Legend of ManaEdit

There are three Mana Stones in the world, each of which is protected by a guardian dragon. One is hidden at the top of Norn Peaks, where it is protected by Akravator, the Guardian of Winds; a second is hidden within the Bone Fortress, where it is protected by Jajara, the Guardian of the Earth; and a third is hidden deep in the White Forest, where it is protected by Vadise, the Guardian of the Forests.

In the Dragon story arc, Drakonis uses Larc and the Hero/Heroine as pawns to defeat the guardian dragons and steal the power of the Mana Stones so that he can escape from the Underworld and conquer Fa'Diel.

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