The Mana Sanctuary, also known as the Pure Land, is a vast, dense forest surrounding ancient ruins. According to legend, it is where the Mana Goddess transformed into Mana Tree and thus, where the Mana Tree resides. In most games the Sanctuary exists in a separate dimension, though there are means to reach it. Before it became separate from this world, the sanctuary was known as the island of Illusia.

Story Edit

Final Fantasy Adventure/Sword of Mana/Adventures of ManaEdit

The Mana Sanctuary can be reached with the Mana Pendant or through Dime Tower. The player and his friends eventually reach Mana Sanctuary, but so does the main antagonist Julius. Once again the Sanctuary is the site of the final battle.

Secret of Mana Edit

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Trials of Mana Edit

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Legend of Mana Edit

Here, the Mana Sanctuary is part of the Mana Tree. One Sproutling resides in it and is the one that asks the Hero/Heroine to take down all monsters in the area that have been draining the Mana energy. Once the request is completed, the player appears in a pond in the Sanctuary where the moon is reflected on the floor. There, the Mana Goddess appears and challenges the player to the final battle.

Children of Mana Edit

Once the Mana Surge becomes more chaotic and begins warping time and space, the Mana Lord kidnaps Tess in hopes of using her powers to summon the Mana Seed to help him flood the world with Mana. The Gems transport the Heroes to the Ruins by the Tree of Mana but learn that the Ruins are in fact, the Mana Sanctuary in the distant future when the Mana Tree is faltering. At the end of Children of Mana the Benevodons seal away Illusia in a separate dimension to protect it.

Dawn of Mana Edit

See Illusia.

Heroes of Mana Edit

Roget's crew catches a glimpse of Mana sanctuary while Esina's Mirror rapidly absorbs Mana energy.

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