Wiki of Mana

The Mana Pendant is a key item in Final Fantasy Adventure and its remakes, Sword of Mana and Adventures of Mana. The pendant unlocks the sacred Mana Sanctuary, where the Tree of Mana resides.


For a great while, the Mana Woman Elise was the chosen guardian of the pendant. When Dark Lord and his empire invade the Mana Clan's village, Elise gives her adopted daughter Elena the pendant and has the Gemma Knight Bogard spirit Elena away.

After a run-in with Dark Lord's men aboard his airship, the airship crashes and Duke and Elena wake up in Menos Village. There, Amanda steals the pendant in the hopes that it will save her brother Lester, whom Devius had transformed into a bird. Duke, Amanda, and Elena successfully transform Lester back into a human, but Amanda dies and Isabella steals the pendant.

Duke and Elena later confront Dark Lord in his castle. Dark Lord has with him his minions, Goremand and Isabella, the latter of whom still has the pendant. Duke and Elena kill Dark Lord in a fight to the death, after which Goremand steals the pendant to give to his new employer, Julius.

Julius summarily uses the pendant to enter the Mana Sanctuary, where he seeks to take the power of Mana for himself. Duke and Elena eventually confront him, defeat him, and recover the pendant once and for all.