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Mana goddess

The Mana Goddess as she appears in Secret of Mana

The Mana Goddess is a recurring figure within the Mana mythos. She is sometimes shown as the spirit of the Mana Tree; other times she is a person born into the role.

Trials of Mana[]

According to legend, the Mana Goddess, wielding the Mana Sword, defeated the Benevodons and, in doing so, created the world. Afterward, she turned into a tree and fell asleep.

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When the main character claims the Mana Sword and discovers the Faerie missing, the Mana Goddess projects a shadow to inform them of the Faerie's kidnapping and gives them the Flammie Drum, so they can summon Flammie.

The Mana Goddess is killed when the final boss destroys the Mana Tree to stop her from preventing his attempt to corrupt the Sword. Unfortunately, the party arrives just after the deed is done.

After the final battle, the Faerie becomes the new Mana Goddess, and spends the next thousand years restoring Mana to the world.

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Stephanie Panisello voices her in the 2020 remake.

Legend of Mana[]

A twinkling consciousness
became a star which sparkled
in the night and banished the darkness.
The Mana Goddess acquired consciousness
by gazing into the light of that sun.
She made Fa'Diel, a great land,
but so far an empty one.

The Mana Goddess is said to be the creator of Fa'Diel and the spirit of the Mana Tree itself.

She became corrupted and her tree rotten by the monsters that plagued her land and tried to use Mana for their own gain. Finally a savior rose up and restored the land by awakening the artifacts that sealed Fa'Diel and finally slew the corrupted Mana Goddess at her own request. The Mana Goddess then becomes a Sproutling and planted herself in the Mana Tree's rotten trunk and then called upon the other Sproutlings to join together to restore the Mana Tree to its former glory.

The Mana Goddess serves as the game's final boss. Her music theme is Silence of Time (also known as Gloaming), a more sinister and faster-paced version of Theme of Mana.

The Mana Goddess first manifests as a small plant-like humanoid that jumps, dodges, strikes and shields herself with her leaves. She can deliver energy-infused punches, energy-infused dives, or unleash powerful surges of Wood Energy around herself.

She can even transform into a knight whose sword strikes radiate light, a mage casting mighty Wood Magic, or a lilac-coloured demon who conjures a Moon firing deadly purple beams. The heroes must harass her without end with weapons, spells and techniques.

Ayumi Tsunematsu voices her in the anime adaptation.

Sword of Mana[]

The Mana Goddess is mentioned many times in passing.

Dark Lord Stroud declares worship of the Goddess as heresy because her adherents, the Mana Clan, seemingly hoarded Mana power by refusing to use it even to help, fearing the potential for its misuse.

In the final confrontation, Julius reveals his desire to make the Goddess a normal woman and have her bow to him as the new Emperor Vandole. After his defeat, it is revealed that Elena's mother Mana became the new Mana Goddess after Vandole's defeat, and now, with the Mana Tree dead as a result of Julius' actions, Elena must now succeed her mother as the new Mana Goddess, with the Hero as her guardian.

Dawn of Mana[]

Dawn of Mana deals with the origins of the Mana Goddess within the context of the World of Mana mythos.

After Stroud (empowered and transformed with Thanatos) and Medusa are defeated, Ritzia is freed from her possession. As the Tree Maiden, she inherits the duty and becomes the new Mana Goddess, restoring the world with the Spirits' aid.

Children of Mana[]

The Mana Goddess is mentioned several times in the story.

Tess is a Mana Maiden, the main antagonist is the Mana Lord, a creation of the Mana Goddess who seek to destroy the world by the mana and the final antagonist is the Scion of Mana, the child of Mana Goddess.

Echoes of Mana[]

The Mana Goddess appears as the avatar of the Mana Tree. With the original world on the brink of death, mana power itself has been severely weakened; thus, she can only project herself in short bursts before needing to rest. It is she who summons twin heroes on a quest to restore the world as it once was. As the Goddess is too weak to venture beyond the Sanctuary of Mana, she transfers a portion of her essence into a plush ram, thus giving life to the familiar Baashear, who in turn acts as the twins' guide.

SPOILERS ENCLOSED! Click "show" to reveal, otherwise skip to the following section.
Dema and Nona

Dema and Nona, twin sisters, future goddesses

As it turns out, the Goddess was once a Tree Maiden from the Mana Clan named Nona, whose twin sister Dema was fated to become one with the Mana Tree and be the Goddess' new personification. However, she was eventually chosen instead, prompting a jealous Dema to start a crusade to rebuild the multiverse following her designs.

The Mana Goddess who awakes Quilto or Quilta and tasks them to gain the Mana Sword in order to restore the vanished worlds is in fact Dema, masquerading as her sister to take her place after they stab her with the Sword to restore the Tree.

Immediately after, the hero meets Nona, the real Mana Goddess held at bay, and become her Mana Swordsman to save Dema from herself.

Spoiler ends here.


  • It is unclear if Elena and Mana's counterparts in Final Fantasy Adventure and Adventures of Mana, as well as Randi's mother in Secret of Mana, also became Mana Goddesses, as the concept of a Mana Goddess was not referenced in Adventures of Mana or the remake of Secret of Mana.


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