Wiki of Mana

The Mana Clan (or Mana Tribe) is a race of humans in the Mana series. They are reincarnations of divine spirits whom the Mana Goddess charged with protecting the Tree of Mana.


Tradition underpins what becomes of the members of the Mana Clan. The men become Gemma Knights, swordsmen who guard Mana. Gemma Knights are heavily trained, mentally and physically. Mana women develop the ability to communicate with Sproutlings and spirits. Should the Mana Goddess die (as has happened several times), a Mana woman transforms into the new Mana Tree and succeeds her as the new Mana Goddess.


The Mana Clan's task is to guard and protect Mana and keep it from ever becoming depleted. As a result, the emperor Dark Lord grew angry with the clan for what he perceived as their monopolizing the power. As a result, he invaded the Mana Clan's village and razed it to the ground. This would send two Mana Clan orphans, Sumo and Fuji, on a quest to restore the clan and the power of Mana.