This is about the recurring element. For the series of videogames and other media, see Mana (series).

Mana is a recurring element of utmost importance in the Mana series, as well as being that after which the series is named. It is the source of magic and stems from the Mana Tree, and it is depicted as being a crucial element in maintaining the balance of nature. Not only is it the source of magic and balance in the world, but it has also been described as being quite literally the source of everything. Everything is born from Mana and will one day return to it. Mana is the element that comprises and flows around the world.

Most games in the Mana series focus on an imbalance in the world's Mana, often resulting from a villain attempting to gain power. The protagonists of each game must restore the Mana to its previous state and return peace to the world.

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