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Malocchio (邪眼の伯爵, Jyagan no Hakushyaku?) (Jagan in the fan translation) appears in Trials of Mana, where he is one of the henchmen of the Dark Majesty. His identity and his past are unknown... He is a master of dark magic. He seems to be everywhere. He has a distinctive vampiric theme, down to one of his attacks depicting him sucking the player's blood.


2D Version[]

Malocchio appears along with two monsters, a Carmilla Queen and a Wolf Devil. He uses many powerful Darkness-element spells, such as Black Rain, Dark Force, and Death Spell. He also uses lots of special magic, such as Ghost Road and Psychowave (which projects you across the battlefield). If you don't kill the Carmilla Queen and Wolf Devil, you can't damage him. It is best to fight him without using magic, as he seems to be programmed to counter your magic spells with one of his own. If you don't cast any spells, he will only cast a couple spells throughout the battle, making the fight much easier. Note that most level 2 and 3 Techs count as magic spells, and Malocchio will respond to them with devastating magic.

3D Version[]

  • Twirl Slash (unnamed) - quick physical attack that send target flying
  • Dark Force +
  • Evil Rain
  • Batmo Drain - Absorbs one character's HP
  • Resurrection - Regenerate Queen Succube and Griswolf
  • Armor Repair - Regenerate armor on self
  • Psycho Blast
  • Ghoster - Barrier attack that does massive damage


  • Malocchio's appearance and vampiric nature make him similar to Count Lee.


Circle of Mana[]

Rank Image Classes Quote
UR UR 0201.jpg UR 0202.jpg UR 0203.jpg UR 0204.jpg 魔界の住人
SUR SUR 0025.jpg SUR 0026.jpg SUR 0027.jpg SUR 0028.jpg 魔界の住人

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