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Making Collections is a side quest in Sword of Mana.

  • Location: Town of Jadd
    • Devius Manor
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Jadd - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: Invoice, Lucre
  • Reward Get: Dudbears Gold

In Jadd, go to the General Store and speak with Janka to receive an Invoice, which she tells you to give to Mr. Cannel who is walking outside in the southeast corner of Jadd. Give it to him and you will get 200 Lucre. Head back to Janka and give her the money.

She will then give you another Invoice to give to Mrs. Songo who lives in the house left of the General Store where Janka is. Songo will give you the 120 Lucre, so return to Janka and give it to her.

Janka will then give you another Invoice for 300 Lucre, which you should give to Radley who is in the northeast of the Blacksmith store. Give him the Invoice and he will give you 300 Lucre plus a 100 Lucre tip. Return to Janka and give her the money.

She will then give you an Invoice for 1000 Lucre to give to Ahmed. Ahmed is in the southwestern house. He will give you 10000 Lucre. Return to Janka and give her the 10000 Lucre.

She will give you a Bill for 2000 to give to one of Devius' maids. Head to the second floor of Devius' mansion and give the bill to Presio, who will give you the 2000 Lucre (if you have not given the Rhinoloupe to any of the maids yet, she will not give you the money, so make sure you do so before speaking to her). Return to Janka and give her the money to get a Dudbears Gold and QUEST CLEAR.

Note : you can keep the Lucre you collect, but you won't be able to complete the Quest until you give the Lucre to Janka.

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