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The Free City of Maia is a location in Trials of Mana. This seaport city is located at the eastern terminus of the Golden Road.


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Chapter I[]

The heroes successfully reach port after their escape from Jadd Stronghold, and search for clues as to where the next Mana Stone may be. The locals tell them that the Hero King of Valsena might know something of the Stones and that they will need to cross a bridge over Stonesplit Gap to get to Valsena. However, the trade route known as the Golden Road has seen an increase in monster activity and has become too dangerous to travel safely.

Amid the hustle and bustle, there are whispers of an alchemic inventor named Von Boyage working on one of his latest creations. The heroes decide to investigate. Von Boyage is all too eager to show off his work: a massive cannon designed to transport people over great distances. However, he is not yet finished with the cannon, and so sends the heroes off to Valsena to continue their quest.

As they leave, a ship's captain stops them with disturbing news of the Priest of Light, who has fallen gravely ill from erecting a second ward over Wendel to repel Ferolia's beastmen. Heath is the only person believed to be capable of reversing the effects, but he is missing. Charlotte is moved to tears over her grandfather's plight, but the others intervene to calm her down.

After the heroes spar with Altenish mages on the bridge to Valsena, the bridge is obliterated by a Machine Golem's self-destruct sequence, leaving them puzzled as to finding another route. They return to Maia, where Von Boyage has completed his "Super Deluxe Turbo Cannon Mark 2". Von Boyage is thrilled, but forgot about adding a propellant fuel in his zeal. He suggests using nitromyte. Asking around town once more, our heroes discover that dwarves living in Stonesplit Gap may have the explosive fuel.

Returning with the nitromyte, the heroes visit Von Boyage one more time, who loads the trio into his cannon to blast off toward Valsena.

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2020 Remake[]

Service Cost
Rest 25


2020 Remake[]

Name Cost Equippable by ATK MGC ATK
Iron Sword 100 Duran 8 5
Staff 110 Angela 6 8
Iron Knuckle 110 Kevin 8 6
Wood Flail 110 Charlotte 6 7
Dagger 100 Hawkeye 7 6
Long Spear 100 Riesz 7 6


2020 Remake[]

Name Cost Equippable by DEF MGC DEF
Stiff Leathers 110 Duran 6 4
Hide Visor 60 Duran 3 1
Silk Robe 100 Angela 4 5
Circlet 70 Angela 2 2
Leather Vest 100 Kevin 4 5
Bandanna 70 Kevin 2 2
Sheep Pajamas 110 Charlotte 4 6
Kitten Hood 70 Charlotte 2 2
Fatigues 100 Hawkeye 5 4
Leather Cap 60 Hawkeye 3 1
Cuir Bouilli 110 Riesz 5 5
Winged Bow 70 Riesz 3 2


2020 Remake[]

Name Cost
Candy 20
Faerie Walnut 150
Medical Herb 20
Cup of Wishes 300
Magic Rope 50

Treasures and Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Faerie Walnut (1) Next to vendor tents in the southern part of town. Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) Next to a red tent in front of Von Boyage's house. Chapter I -

Li'l Cactus[]

Southeast area, near docks. To reach, jump from a platform south of the southeast staircase onto a container, then jump from the container to the roof of a stall. Jump across stalls while moving south to reach a set of crates on which Li'l Cactus sits.

Famous inhabitants[]

Places of Interest[]

Von Boyage's Deluxe Super Cannon

  • Von Boyage's Cannon

Character Observations[]

"I'm gonna need a lot more experience if I wanna change my class. Time to start training!"
"Could we just stay here and rest for a while? We've been fighting monsters forever. I think we deserve a break."
—Angela (Chapter I
"You've seen how useful my magic is, right? The least you can do is make sure we have enough Faerie Walnuts on hand."
—Angela (Unknown time period)
"Lots of people. Lots of new things! Wow! Lots of food, too! Can I eat this?"
"I'm such a sweet wittow innocent's a twavesty that you have me fight so many monstews! You should be pwotecting me, you know!"
"People always tell me I'm quite the charmer. Leave the information gathering to me."
"This town must have a very confusing layout. People keep coming up to ask for directions. How strange..."

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