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The Magic Pot is an important device found in all versions of Trials of Mana. Usually housed at an inn, the Magic Pots have special soil that allows magic seeds to grow into item-producing flowers over time. Used properly, a Magic Pot can be a source of some of the most useful items and gear in the entire game.


2D version[]

As the player moves through the adventure, they may acquire any of six types of seeds. One seed must be planted in the pot beside the row of beds before the party pays for their stay. Once placed, the seed will grow into a random item from its own pool of items. The Gear Seed, for instance, may grow into a valuable piece of gear for one of the three chosen heroes. This item is picked up immediately and placed in the Item Ring or storage pool as appropriate.

3D version[]

Magic Pots can now grow five types of seeds, with the results being both random and instantaneous, meaning that the player is not required to rest in order to get new items. The player can also plant as many seeds of one class as they hold in inventory, capped at 10 per attempt. Higher class seeds often yield better items, and each seed planted raises a hidden EXP value, thereby allowing all Magic Pots to level up and yield better items.

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