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Madora Beach (マドラ海岸 Madora Kaigan) is a Land from Legend of Mana. It's sparkling waters and warm sands are an attraction to various folks, including monsters. It is home to Elle.


Pirate Penguins' Arc[]

Summer Lovin'[]

At the very entrance of the map, two lover penguins, David and Valerie, are discussing their relationship. David wants to be abroad at the sea and to have his lover go with him, but Valerie is distressed about it, and mutters about having an egg before quickly running off, to which David catches on immediatelly.

After defeating the Fullmetal Haggar, the Hero/Heroine finds the two of them at a west cave exit, where David is firmly proclaiming he will stay with Valerie and abandon the pirates, to which Valerie is greatly displeased at. She insists that David continues with the pirates, and ends up lying to him that the egg was a bluff. David finally gives in, but promises he will come back for Valerie. She sighs, and tells herself aloud she couldn't live with a pirate and will raise the egg alone.

Buried Treasure[]

Sirens and Gilbert's Arc[]

A Siren's Song[]

After being questioned in Polpota Harbor, Monique finds out Elle was the siren responsible for the shipwreck, and has been encaged by The Deathbringer's army ever since being discovered. Monique tries to convince her to leave the lighthouse, but Elle is afraid that her song may cause despair again. Monique pledges to Flameshe, who is firmly guarding the lighthouse's entrance, to let the Hero/Heroine enter and defeat the creature inside that was put to prevent Elle from running away. Flameshe is adamant and does not let the Hero/Heroine in, but since she is a creature of the water, she will quickly teleport to the water to rehydratate as soon she suspects the Hero/Heroine is far, in which the player may enter the lighthouse. Inside, the player will fight the Tropicallo, thus freeing Elle.

Gilbert: Love is Blind[]


Basic Overview[]

Land Artifact Mana Levels LoM Land Encyclopaedia Icon.png Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Madora Beach Sprite.png
Madora Beach
LoM AF Torch of Coral Sprite.png
Torch of Coral

LoM Overworld Wisp Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Wisp 1.png
LoM Overworld Shade Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Blank.png
LoM Overworld Dryad Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Blank.png
LoM Overworld Aura Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Blank.png
LoM Overworld Salamander Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Blank.png
LoM Overworld Gnome Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Blank.png
LoM Overworld Jinn Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Jinn 1.png
LoM Overworld Undine Sprite.gif LoM Mana Meter Undine 2.png

Come to Madora Beach for the best sun-bathing and finest sand anywhere.
Explore our many caverns!
While you're here, why not try some crab-hunting?

Monster Data[]


  • Fullmetal Haggar (Boss Theme: Pain the Universe)
  • Tropicallo (Boss Theme: Pain the Universe)


Item Data[]

  • Scissors
  • Angry Eye
  • Mirror Piece
  • Rust

Non-Playable Characters[]