The Lord of Jewels (宝石王 Hōseki ō, lit. King of Jewels) is a major antagonist of the Jumi story arc in Legend of Mana. An enigmatic being who possesses the power of a black hole, everything that he consumes is said to become fused together within his body. Commanding the loyalty of Sandra, he aids her in her quest to save Florina from certain doom by swallowing the cores of the Jumi whom she kills; upon swallowing one thousand Jumi cores, it is believed that the Lord of Jewels will be able to create the jewel equivalent of an elixir, the teardrop crystal, which will then be used to revitalise the ailing Florina.

According to the official Ultimania guide, the Lord of Jewels is a Star, and that he uses the cores of the Jumi in order to evolve into his final form.



Bearing a countenance that is starkly mournful, the Lord of Jewels is of a melancholic disposition that befits his morose appearance, one that he specifically directs towards the plight of the nigh-extinct Jumi race in the form of pity. This is made evident in his introduction in Cosmo, where he woefully comments on mankind's foolishness in warring over the right to claim ownership over beauty, only to ironically diminish its value in the process due to the lives that are destroyed for its sake. This is in turn a clear reference to the human race's heinous hunt for Jumi cores prior to the events of Legend of Mana, one that compels him to empathise with the Jumi.

It is through this same event that one can observe that the Lord of Jewels is a purveyor of that which he considers to be beautiful, seeking to preserve it where possible; when made aware of the fact that Elazul's core has been scratched, the Lord of Jewels warps him to the safe confines of the Hero/Heroine's abode. This fact is further touched upon in Teardrop Crystal, just before he consumes his thousandth Jumi core; he explains that his consumption of the cores will allow him to generate the power necessary to transform them into stars and disperse them into the cosmos, preserving their beauty for all eternity.


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