Lord Granz

Lord Granz's human and spirit mugshots.

Sword of Mana Edit

Lord Granz was the founder of Granz Realm and one of the three Gemma Knights that helped defeat Emperor Vandole during the battle for the planet. He was most famous for being the one to wield the Sword of Mana and supposedly killing Emperor Vandole.

Sometime after that, Lord Granz was having a forbidden relationship and married his lover, Medusa, a Mavole, and had two sons: Stroud (Dark Lord) and Devius. But because of the ancient rule of Mavolia, Medusa had to leave Lord Granz, taking with her his other son Devius, leaving Granz to raise his more human son, Stroud. Granz was waiting for the moment that he could meet his wife again.

He ruled from Castle Town and he was also a famed minstrel, although some believed that he stopped singing after losing his lute. However he narrated songs to the son of his friend, Consul Hermann, who thought he could magically see the Tree of Mana hearing his words. Although asked, Granz refused to sing about himself and the adventures of the Gemma Knights.

Willy believed that Granz was disguised as a soldier and helped him escape the Granz Castle; Willy recognised him from his singing.

Sometime after that, Lord Granz soon became ill and to Hero, and the rest of Granz Realm, thought dead. Until one day Hero spotted Granz's ghost, actually his magic, trying to make Hero believe he was dead. Eventually, Lord Granz is reunited with the Hero towards the end of the game, at the Mana Sanctuary. He then reveals what his true purpose was. After Julius is defeated, he then goes on to rebuild Granz Realm after the Mana Tree is born anew.

Dawn of Mana Edit

A Mana Spirit of Darkness(the same type as Shade) by conversion from a Human who married the Tree Maiden which he called by the name Anise and was later forced to seal her away when she created Mavolia and became it's Archdemon & Mother Goddess of Darkness Medusa after being corrupted by The Echoes of Mavolia. He is later slain by Keldric.

Circle of ManaEdit

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「おお、デューク! 健勝のようで何よりだよ。」
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