Loki is a playable character from Heroes of Mana as well as an NPC in Trials of Mana. He is the father of Duran and also a good friend of King Richard.

Heroes of mana[edit | edit source]

Loki, the Gold Knight, fights side by side with his friend Richard as their homeland is invaded by Pedda with the aid of the Dragons. After Valsena is conquered Loki temporary joins Roget to take the fight to Pedda directly. He's known to have a quite a sense of humor but gets serious where his best friend is concerned (since Richard would rather fight on the frontlines as a soldier instead of being protected as prince)

Trials of Mana[edit | edit source]

Loki is seen earliest in a dream sequence during Duran's prologue when he falls asleep on his watch shift at night. Duran dreams about the time he saw his father for the last time when he was little, when Loki departed with Richard and a group of knights for a dragon extermination with Dragon Lord being the target. He is sure he will win with Richard at his side and asks Duran to take care of his mother and sister when he is gone.

Hallucination of Loki in Pedda as seen by Duran.

Unfortunately, Loki never returned, and it fell to Richard to bring home ill news of the fate of his friend to his family. Richard told Loki's wife Simone that he died saving Richard from the Dragon Emperor by falling down in the bottomless pit with the foe. They couldn't find him even after a week of searching. Whether it was the news of her husband's death or the illness she has been keeping in secret, Simone collapsed and died later bedridden after her sister Stella promised to raise Simone's and Loki's children, Duran and Wendy.

See also: Darkshine Knight
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Circle of Mana[edit | edit source]

Loki[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Classes Quote
UR UR 0213.jpg UR 0214.jpg UR 0215.jpg UR 0216.jpg Fighter
Ruling Knight
SSUR SSUR 0837.jpg SSUR 0838.jpg SSUR 0839.jpg SSUR 0840.jpg Fighter
Ruling Knight
SSUR SSUR 0989.jpg SSUR 0990.jpg SSUR 0991.jpg SSUR 0992.jpg Fighter
Ruling Knight

Darkshine Knight[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Classes Quote
UR UR 0041.jpg UR 0042.jpg UR 0043.jpg UR 0044.jpg Fighter
SSUR SSUR 0589.jpg SSUR 0590.jpg SSUR 0591.jpg SSUR 0592.jpg Fighter

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His appearance as Loki is highly reminiscent of Duran's Light-Dark Class the Lord. His appearance as the Darkshine Knight, however, is reminiscent of the Dark Knights from Seiken Densetsu 2.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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