Items in Secret of Mana can be bought at a shop or found in treasure chests obtained from defeating certain enemies. Four of each item can be carried at a time.

Name Candy
DescriptionEating candy partially restores some of the character's hit points.
Location Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests
Cost 10/20 GP
Name Chocolate
DescriptionEating some chocolate restores energy and raises hit points more than Candy.
Location Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests
Cost 30/60 GP
Name Royal Jam
DescriptionMade from the Royal Jelly of the Buzz Bee queen, this raises the character's hit points to maximum.
Location Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests
Cost 100/200 GP
Name Faerie Walnut
DescriptionFaerie Walnuts will restore magic points to full capacity.
Location Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests
Cost 500/1000 GP
Name Medical Herb
DescriptionIf a character is Moogled or poisoned, the Medical Herb will return them to their former state.
Location Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests
Cost 10/20 GP
Name Cup of Wishes
DescriptionWhen a character needs to be revived, using a Cup of Wishes will bring tiny angels to resuscitate them, complete with full health.
Location Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests
Cost 150/300 GP
Name Magic Rope
DescriptionIf lost in a dungeon or low on supplies, the Magic Rope returns its user to the entrance of the dungeon.
Location Gaia's Navel
Cost N/A
Name Flammie Drum
DescriptionThis item, found near the end of the game, calls Flammie when used.
Location From King Truffle
Cost N/A
Name Moogle Belt
DescriptionThis item keeps the character wearing it from staying Moogled after an enemy casts a spell.
Location Kakkara
Cost N/A
Name Midge Mallet
DescriptionThere is only one in the entire game. It enlarges any member of the party who has been shrunk.
Location From Dwarf Elder
Cost N/A
Name Barrel
DescriptionWhen wearing a Barrel, the character can run through a dangerous area without harm, although fighting is not possible.
Location Neko
Cost 900 GP
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