Lisa (コロナ Korona, lit. Corona) is a character from Legend of Mana. 7 years of age, Lisa is the orphaned twin sister of Bud, and was once a student of Geo's Academy of Magic. She and Bud are introduced staging a prank involving pumpkins in the outskirts of Domina, but are halted by the Hero/Heroine's intervention. The twins are thereafter taken under the wing of the Hero/Heroine, serving as their apprentices. Lisa is said to be a better sorcerer than her brother is.

The broom that Lisa wields as her weapon of choice was once a possession of her late father.

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Character Information[edit | edit source]

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon.png Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Lisa Portrait.png
LoM Lisa Sprite.png A better sorcerer than her twin brother. She carries around her father's broomstick.

Battle Data[edit | edit source]

LoM Lisa Portrait.png
Battle Portrait Synchro
LoM Lisa Battle Portrait.png Magic Plus
Magic level increases.
LoM Equip Menu Button.png Weapon Armour
LoM Staff Icon.png Broom LoM Helm Icon.png [Metal]Helm*
LoM Hauberk Icon.png [Metal]Hauberk*
LoM Skill Menu Button.png Abilities STs/Magic
LoM Triangle Button.png Cheer
LoM Circle Button.png Spin
LoM R1 Button.png Halo
LoM L1 Button.png GoldFlute
LoM R2 Button.png FireDrum
LoM L2 Button.png FireHarp

*Quality of metal is dependent on how much progress has been made in the game.

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