Lilipeas (豆一族 Mame ichizoku, lit. Bean Clan) form a race of strange creatures that are characterised by small, pink-coloured, egg-shaped bodies and tiny bird nests adorning their heads in Legend of Mana. Coming into being during the time of the holy wars, the Lilipeas were said to have resided in the northern mountains then, and were helmed by Selva of the Four Winds. Lilipeas are known to multiply by rolling mud into Lilipea shapes, and have lifespans that curtail at 7 years.



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Belying the adorable, endearing appearance and antics of the Lilipeas is a collective spirit of tenacity and fearlessness, one that is tempered by the ravages of warfare that Fa'Diel by storm in ages past, as illustrated through their manifestation in the World History encyclopedia. 

This spirit of the Lilipeas is not explicitly depicted within the events of the game itself, and they are instead portrayed as beings that are peace-loving, a fact that sees them choosing to lead a life of sequestration by taking up residence in a remote section of The White Forest.


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Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Lilipea PortraitLoM Lilipea Chief Portrait
LoM Lilipea SpriteLoM Lilipea Chief Sprite Small, strange creatures with tiny bird nests on their heads. They multiply by rolling some mud into Lilipea shapes.

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