Light Saber is a recurring spell in the Mana series.

Secret of ManaEdit

Light Saber is one of three spells taught by Lumina, the Mana Spirit of Light. Only Primm can summon it.

When cast on an ally, Light Saber allows the target's physical attacks to cause light elemental damage. It costs 5 MP.

Trials of ManaEdit

Saint SaberLight Saber (Saint Saber in the fan translation) is one of the many elemental sabers.

Description Edit

It uses the power of the spirit Lumina to give an ally a light attribute to their physical attacks. Best on Dark elemental enemies.

It costs 4 MP to cast in the SNES version and 7 MP in the 2020 remake.

Acquisition Edit

Character Class Requirement Minimum Stat Single or Multi-Target
Charlotte High Cleric 6 Spirit Points (SNES version) Single
Duran Paladin 6 Spirit Points (SNES version) Single

Item equivalenceEdit

Item Power Available at Cost Single or Multi-Target
Knight Tag2 TOMKnight Tag - Plant ??? Seed - Multi
Parpoto Claw2 TOMParpoto Claw - Night Market 200 (2020 remake) Single
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