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For the boss in Final fantasy Adventure and Adventures of Mana, see Kraken (Adventures of Mana).

Kraken is the boss of Subland River, in Sword of Mana.


Enemy Stats
HP Icon SDOM.png Power Icon SDOM.png Defense Icon SDOM.png Agility Icon SDOM.png Intellect Icon SDOM.png Mind Icon SDOM.png Experience Icon SDOM.png Lucre icon.png
635 70 45 48 48 48 170 195

Weapon Effectiveness
Sword SDOM.gif Staff SDOM.gif Knuckles SDOM.gif Flail SDOM.gif Sickle SDOM.gif Bow SDOM.gif Lance SDOM.gif Axe SDOM.gif Morning Star SDOM.gif

Elemental Effectiveness
Wisp SDOM.gif Shade SDOM.gif Luna SDOM.gif Salamander SDOM.gif Undine SDOM.gif Dryad SDOM.gif Jinn SDOM.gif Gnome SDOM.gif

Attack Effectiveness
A circle (◯) means that the enemy is normally affected by that attack
A triangle (△) means that the enemy is strong against that attack
A bullseye (◎) means that the enemy is weak against that attack
A cross (🞪) means that the enemy is immune against that attack


Kraken is not that bad of a boss. For his attacks, all he does is change pools to make it hard to hit him, so he will disappear and reappear in different areas, plus he whips you with his tentacles, but you will be lucky if these things even hit you. If his tentacle is red when it hits you, it'll throw you and it may cause Confusion. His only annoying attacks are that he fires an Ink Blast at you that can cause Darkness and that he can release Ankher on you, though weak, they are annoying. Attack Kraken with long-ranged weapons, as running up to the thing and trying to hit him with anything else before he runs off will be rather annoying. As for Magic, stick with Salamander and probably the Knuckles if you do use it, as that is your best bet. Either way, just do not give up your assault and you will come through this a winner.


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Subland River