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The Koropokkur Woods is a settlement in Trials of Mana. Home to the diminutive koropokkur, it can be found in the southwestern Rabite Forest. The entryway is hidden by the magic of a gargoyle, and is so small that only koropokkur may enter.

Famous inhabitants[]

The only named koropokkur is the elder Donperi, a sage who once assisted King Richard of Valsena at a time when the world was in peril.

Places of Interest[]


Treasures & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Chocolate (1) Under the left tree stump coming from the entrance, next to two Koropokkur discussing around a table. Chapter II -
Candy (2) Next to a rock coming from the entrance, next to two Koropokkur discussing around a table. Chapter II -
Honey Elixir (1) On the northern beach. Chapter II -
Silver Item Seed (1) In the south-eastern house, reached by jumping onto mushrooms until getting into the last one close to the ceiling. Chapter II -
Faerie Walnut (1) In the north-western house, reached by climbing the spiral stairs. Chapter II -

Character Observations[]

"When I'm this size, this place looks huge! How are we gonna find Domperi in here?"
—Duran (Before finding Domperi)
"Koropokkurs just live here in the middle of the forest? How do they avoid monster attacks?"
—Angela (Before finding Domperi)
"Don't see Domperi here. Gotta ask more koropokkurs!"
—Kevin (Before finding Domperi)
"Oh wow! Evewything is humongous! Wook!"
—Charlotte (Before finding Domperi)
"That old man before was sharp as a tack... What's his angle?"
—Hawkeye (Before finding Domperi)
"Where could Domperi be?"
—Riesz (Before finding Domperi)

"It's kinda fun getting a new perspective. Life as a koropokkur might not be too bad."
—Duran (After finding Domperi)
"I'm kinda over being rat-sized, to be honest."
—Angela (After finding Domperi)
"Body feels lighter when smaller! But also weaker... Hope monsters don't attack."
—Kevin (After finding Domperi)
"I know I'm gonna get my gwowth spuwt soon. I'm done being tiny, mawk my wowds!"
—Charlotte (After finding Domperi)
"As helpful as the Minor Mallet is for getting into hard to reach places, I'd rather not get stepped on."
—Hawkeye (After finding Domperi)
"Oh, I almost feel like I am in a fairy tale. Are you not excited?"
—Riesz (After finding Domperi)

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