"Kevin... that's me!"
—3D selection

Kevin (ケヴィン) is one of the six main characters of Trials of Mana.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kevin as depicted in the character selection menu

Kevin is a young man with a muscular body, spiked blond hair, amber eyes and dark skin. He wears a yellow vest and pants with green-shaded tiger prints and a green sash. His feet are bandaged, and he wears a fur collar, blue wristbands, and a necklace holding a single claw. On his head is a dark cap with a plume of pink fur.

The remake leaves his appearance generally unchanged. The green parts of his clothing are changed to be a bluershade, his sash is trimmed with tassel-like ends, and he wears an additional fabric patterned belt over his sash. His wristbands are replaced with leather braces, and he wears additional jewellery as bracelets round his upper arms, and his feet are more completely wrapped. His weapons are fist-load weapons with claw attachments.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kevin is portrayed as honest, caring, but quick to anger over threats or slights. He is also determined to reach a goal, as instanced by his pursuit of the Mana Sword. Despite being able to harbor a deep resentment, he also quickly forgives when his grudge is proven wrong or the people in question repent.

In the English versions, he speaks in broken English, leaving out common or stop words such as "it" and "the". The remake expands upon his personality. He has an engrained naivety which makes him suggestible and easy to manipulate up to a point. He is also notably unable to follow complex or esoteric terminology.

Story[edit | edit source]

"Karl, wait for me. Priest in Wendel will tell me how to bring you back. Still my best friend, Karl... That coward is no father! He's why Mom left... Is she alive? Wanna see her..."

Kevin is the rather inarticulate prince of Ferolia, Kingdom of Beastmen (known as the Beast Kingdom in the fan translation), realm of the demi-human beastmen. He is the son of Gauser, king of the beastmen, and a human mother. Unable to fit in with either beastmen or humans, Kevin spends most of his time wandering the Duskmoon Forest with Karl, a wolf pup he befriended.

The beastmen have had a long history of oppression at the hands of humans, who consider beastmen to be barely more than wild animals. Sick of the treatment of his people by "normal" humans, Gauser has long harbored a desire for revenge which is suddenly made attainable by the appearance of the mysterious "Devourer of Death", who offers to place his dark magic at Gauser's service. Intrigued, Gauser asks this Goremand to demonstrate his abilities by making Kevin's beloved friend, Karl, attack him. Though Kevin tries to defend himself, he fares poorly until his bestial side manifests itself. With the additional strength granted by his werewolf form, Kevin prevails but kills Karl in the process.

With no further reason to stay in the forest, Kevin returns to Ferolia, where he learns of the Beast King's plans to send an invasion force to overthrow the humans' Holy City Wendel. Soon afterwards, Kevin overhears Gauser congratulating Goremand on the results of his spell. Enraged, Kevin confronts the Beast King but is quite literally thrown out of the castle. He then decides to leave Ferolia behind and search for not only a way to revive Karl, but also the fate of his human mother. Acting on advice from Goremand, Kevin sets out in the direction of Wendel.

It is revealed at the end of the game that Karl's death was nothing but an illusion.

Kevin shares many plot elements with Charlotte, who has also lost a loved one to Goremand's machinations. If either of them is chosen as the main protagonist, the main villain will be the Masked Mage and the final dungeon will be the Mirage Palace.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a beastman, Kevin is able to transform into a werewolf at night, increasing his already formidable attack power, making him the physically strongest character, in addition to also increasing the range of his various punches and kicks. After changing classes, he gains a few magical abilities to supplement his physical prowess. His martial arts based class also allows him to rack up more hits by number due to the nature of his fighting, granting greater DPS and to quickly build up his CS reserves.

Kevin's Light classes focus on the use of spells and techs to augment Kevin, granting him both the ability to use healing magic and the Pressure Point spell, which allows him to attack with the same strength as his werewolf form, even during the day; his final classes also each learn a Wood-elemental support spell.

Kevin's Dark classes, in turn, focus more on exploiting his werewolf form, gaining stronger equipment for the dominant edge, and maxing out his base stats, specifically Strength; while their werewolf incarnations allow Kevin greater stat boosts than his Light classes, they do not have the luxury of Pressure Point, demanding reliance on equipment and raw stats and operating at night, and each final class only learn one Moon-elemental support spell.

In the 2D Remake, Kevin gains access to the Conflagration ability, which increases his damage the lower his HP is, allowing him to employ a high risk high reward gameplay style to remain at low percentages to dish out more damage.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of Kevin's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1
ToM-Kevin (Grappler).png
Lv. 18
ToM-Kevin (Monk).png
ToM-Kevin (Brawler).png
Brawler (Bashkar)
Lv. 38
ToM-Kevin (Divine Fist).png
Divine Fist (Godhand)
(Gold Wolf Soul.gifGold Aura)
ToM-Kevin (Warrior Monk).png
Warrior Monk
(Silver Wolf Soul.gifSilver Aura)
ToM-Kevin (Enlightened).png
Enlightened (Dervish)
(Demon Wolf Soul.gifMage Aura)
ToM-Kevin (Fatal Fist).png
Fatal Fist (Deathhand)
(Death Wolf Soul.gifDeath Aura)
(remake only)
ToM-Kevin (Class 4 Light).png
Beast King
(Instinct Sphere)
ToM-Kevin (Class 4 Dark).png
(Instinct Sphere)

Monk[edit | edit source]

Kevin Monk.gif

Finding the call to arms being that of the fighting spirit, the Monk finds solace in the belief that it is within the affairs of the heart and soul that a martial artist derives their strength from. Along with taking up the vow that justified force must be that of equal and necessary power to the fight before them that lies ahead, the Monk also turns to the ways of internal development and discipline to reinforce their affirmations and motivations. From this, Monks find the interval where willpower and spirit is turned into strength and action, and train themselves to ready their mind and heart to give their utmost conviction in battle, coming to learn that power is not just through strength, but to being able to apply themselves with skill, technique, and cunning in the face of life's challenges.

Warrior Monk[edit | edit source]

Kevin Warrior Monk.gif

Finding rather that battle is about slight of mental consciousness, perception, and acuity, the Warrior Monk goes along the ways of training their mind over heart. Through intensive meditation and study, the Warrior Monk follows instead the passage of knowledge and creed to guide their fists, and it is from this intense mental training that they derive a unique strength that cannot compare. However, while their passions and thirst for knowledge and edification may burn spirited, their grasping of logic and knowledge of the workings of the fight may turn their fists as cold and brutal as the truths they follow. As they follow their own path of righteousness, so has this class also learned to fight along with those that share their convictions into the heat of battle like an army onto themselves.

Divine Fist (Godhand)[edit | edit source]

Kevin God Hand.gif

Literally attaining the echelons of fighting divinity, the Divine Fist has unlocked the secrets of sentient transcendence and inner strength of a heavenly plane within themselves. Through coming to master one's heart and mind to harmonize with their own being and body, they have attained a level of skill that surpasses the mundane, and this level of mastery is also said in legend to be the sign which one has achieved a state of lofty existence to where holy spiritual power exudes from their very being. From this, the Divine Fist is able to flow with creation itself, able to tread on the borders of life and death free from inner tumult to follow through with their calling, and use their newfound spiritual powers to help unlock such potential in their fellow man and clear worldly obstacles, from healing pain, alleviating inner turmoil, and even knowing who to send back to the other side, to ease others paths to enlightenment.

Brawler (Bashkar)[edit | edit source]

Kevin Bashkar.gif

Yearning for power and its influence, the Brawler comes to focus on the external aspects of strength, including the secrets of the flesh and body. Though the Brawler comes to derive strength from bulking their muscles and sinew, and to temper their bodies to endure the rigors of combat, the class also comes to learn of the more brutal secrets of the flesh as well, from learning the weak points of the body and knowing the exact amount of purposed force to apply to defeat their enemies with sharp and unrelenting blows. Because of this focus of study, they are greater in brute strength, drawing out their bodily potential to reach limits greater than others, and to dominate all foes that come their way, but this aim of purpose limits them in skillfulness at the cost of such power, and such is the fact that the decision of where to take this power and the path that awaits lies solely upon the responsibility of the practitioner.

Enlightened (Dervish)[edit | edit source]

Kevin Dervish.gif

Having come to realization of the undisputed truth of the grueling and extreme nature of the heart of the fight and all conflict, the Enlightened has combined martial arts skill and raw, brute strength with the teachings of removing oneself from one's emotions, attaining peak mastery with unflinching prowess and a mind incapable of distraction. Taught to remove their attachments and objections from the consequences of battle and to steel themselves to the core, leaving their senses sharpened to their highest and shaping themselves to become veritable living weapons, the Enlightened's methods sees them rush onto the border of life or death, and immediately shatters the tension that had flared up in a split second with the annihilation of the enemy with absolute skill and precise attacks powerful enough to render foes in pieces. Legends tell of their coming signaling omens of strife and carnage as its heralds, their fighting prowess witnessed to be like that of a dance on the battlefield dashing them in blood like a petal blown field of wildflowers, and illuminated in the flames of war, raging about as storms of sublimed fury whose ways of the fist is powerful enough to change the world with every quaking blow.

Fatal Fist (Deathhand)[edit | edit source]

Kevin Death Hand.gif

Considered the infernal counterpart to the Divine Fist's loftiness, the Fatal Fist treads ways both feared and forsaken by the world of martial arts, to complete their quest for power at any cost necessary, no matter how far the path to power leads. Taught and encouraged to throw oneself into their own extremes of negativity and wickedness, Fatal Fists twist their heart and mind in this method to empower themselves, drawing upon anything that comprises their faults and worst traits, be it anger, resentment, hatred, vice, elitism, egotism, and the acceptance of the capability to do great wrong and evil, to realize great strength at the cost of their soul. Transformed into demons at the wake of battle and conflict, the class then instantaneously throws themselves into rage and abandon, commanding such wrathful power that shows no mercy no matter how paced the warrior fights, with each blow infused with the willingness to cause pain and suffering, and the intent of the complete merciless destruction of opposition. Though legends tell of such warriors of wicked strength to be the strongest in respect of their unmatched might, the reality remains that such brutality is considered so excessive and cruel to where the martial arts world forbids their ways to ever be tread upon, and to keep word and knowledge of the class's existence stricken silent away as verboten and taboo secrets none should ever come across.

Class Strikes[edit | edit source]

Kevin's Class Strikes focus on his martial arts background, specifically advanced hand to hand techniques that performs feats to utilize the momentum and dynamics of the body to strike with intended blows for greater strength and precision. In correlation to their measure of power, his master classes allow him to perform fighting aura based attacks by which he can strike many foes from afar, and advanced throws that are only attainable through mastery.

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1
Phenomenal Fist Icon Kevin TOM.png
Phenomenal Fist
Lv. 18
Spin Kick Icon Kevin TOM.png
Spin Kick
+ Tornado Throw2D

Abyssal Slice Icon Kevin TOM.png
Abyssal Slice
+ Bastard Slam2D
Lv. 38
Byakko Wave Icon Kevin TOM.png
Byakko Wave
+ Stardust Bomb2D
(Divine Fist)

Genbu Kick Icon Kevin TOM.png
Genbu Kick
+ Blow Impact2D
(Warrior Monk)

Suzaku Aerial Icon Kevin TOM.png
Suzaku Aerial
+ Veritubach2D

Seiryu Strike Icon Kevin TOM.png
Seiryu Strike
+ Dead Crush2D
(Fatal Fist)
Post-Game (remake only)
Qilin Assault Icon Kevin TOM.png
Qilin Assault
(Beast King)

Dragon Torrent Icon Kevin TOM.png
Dragon Torrent
  • Note 1: Kevin's Class Strikes are named after creatures of Chinese mythology: Byakko (Baihu) is the white Wind Tiger, Genbu (Xuanwu) is the black Earth Turtle, Shiryu (Qinglong) is the azure Water Dragon and Suzaku (Zhuque) is the vermillion Fire Bird. Dragons are among the most sacred beings in Eastern mythology; and the Qilin is a unicorn chimera associated with divine wisdom.
  • Note 2: The remake does not include secondary CS moves.

Moves[edit | edit source]

Kevin is capable of learning a very small range of moves, which are mainly either healing or weapon-enhancing ones.

Below is a table of moves Kevin learns across his different classes:

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1 n/a
Lv. 18 Pressure Point.gifPressure Point
Heal Light.gifHealing Light
Lv. 38 Aura Wave.gifNature Aura
(Divine Fist)
Leaf Sabre.gifLeaf Saber
Heal Light.gifHealing Light +(Warrior Monk)
Moon Sabre.gifMoon Saber
Energy Ball.gifMoon Energy
(Fatal Fist)
  • Note: Kevin learns how to perform Healing Light on all allies as a Warrior Monk.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Kevin for the most part utilizes gloves, claws, and knuckle weaponry to augment his martial arts and fist fighting; as he progresses later in terms of classes, Monk weapons will focus more on gloves and fists with a pacifist and self defense angle, or help simply augment the dynamics of techniques and the martial arts, while Brawler weapons will focus on haphazard and more dangerous knuckles and claws for the purpose of fighting dirty, bringing on pain, and targeting weaknesses to exploit.

Name Cost Location Class
Leather Glove.gifLeather Glove 35 Starting Weapon --
Iron Knuckle.gifIron Knuckle 95 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
Needle Glove.gifNeedle Glove 200 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Molebear Claw.gifMolebear Claw 246 Byzel, Palo, Jad --
Chain Glove.gifChain Glove 525 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Bagh Nakh.gifBagh Nakh 930 Dark Priest Village --
Fiend's Claw.gifFiend's Claw 1450 Elrand, Sultan, Deen --
Silverthorn.gifSilverthorn 2650 Mintos --
Moogle Claw.gifMoogle Claw 3170 Mintos Monk
Keen Knuckle.gifKeen Knuckle 3300 Mintos Brawler
Power Glove.gifPower Glove 3170 Diorre --
Kaiser Knuckle.gifKaiser Knuckle 3400 Diorre Monk
Acid Claw.gifAcid Claw 3380 Diorre Brawler
Cyclone Claw.gifCyclone Claw 4135 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril Knuckle.gifMythril Knuckle 4320 Altena, Deen, Mintos Monk
Bone Knuckle.gifBone Knuckle 4535 Altena, Deen, Mintos Brawler
Cerberus Claw.gifCerberus Claw 7870 Cats --
Diamond Knuckle.gifDiamond Knuckle 8135 Cats Monk
Ghost Hand.gifGhost Hand 8400 Cats Brawler
Rock Claw.gifRock Claw 17335 Cats --
Gleam Glove.gifGleam Glove 18080 Cats Monk
Jug Puncher.gifJug Puncher 17735 Cats Brawler
Vampire Claw.gifVampire Claw 18670 Pedan --
Aura Glove.gifAura Glove 32800 Pedan Monk
Rotten Knuckle.gifRotten Knuckle 33335 Pedan Brawler
Dragon Claw.gifDragon Claw -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Monk/Brawler
Spiral Claw.gifSpiral Claw -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Divine Fist
Holy Glove.gifHoly Glove -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Warrior Monk
Gigas Glove.gifGigas Glove -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Enlightened
Skull Dissect.gifSkull Dissect -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Fatal Fist

Armor[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Cotton Uniform.gifCotton Uniform 18 Starting Armor --
Leather Belt.gifLeather Belt 58 Wendel, Maia --
Fur Vest.gifFur Vest 140 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Warrior Uniform.gifWarrior Uniform 210 Byzel, Palo --
Chain Vest.gifChain Vest 246 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Wolf Belt.gifWolf Belt 300 Dark Priest Village, Valsena --
Protector.gifProtector 678 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre --
Beast Uniform.gifBeast Uniform 1300 Mintos --
Lyshee Vest.gifLyshee Vest 1800 Diorre --
Battlesuit.gifBattlesuit 2300 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Amber Uniform.gifAmber Uniform 2650 Cats --
Red Uniform.gifRed Uniform 4000 Cats Monk
Blue Uniform.gifBlue Uniform 4320 Cats Brawler
Genjuu Belt.gifGenjuu Belt 7870 Pedan Monk
Majuu Belt.gifMajuu Belt 7495 Pedan Brawler
Scale Uniform.gifScale Uniform -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Monk/Brawler
Byakko Uniform.gifByakko Uniform -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Divine Fist
Genbu Uniform.gifGenbu Uniform -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Warrior Monk
Suzaku Uniform.gifSuzaku Uniform -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Enlightened
Seiryuu Uniform.gifSeiryu Uniform -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Fatal Fist

Helmets[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Bandanna.gifBandanna 44 Maia --
Warrior Band.gifWarrior Band 200 Jad --
Headband.gifHeadband 860 Deen --
Chakra Band.gifChakra Band 1260 Diorre --
Werewolf's Mane.gifWerewolf's Mane 2510 Cats --
Majuu Mask.gifMajuu Mask 3195 Cats --
Genjuu Mask.gifGenjuu Mask 4670 Pedan --
Dragon's Mane.gifDragon's Mane -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Monk/Brawler
Ivory Band.gifIvory Band -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Divine Fist
Darkshine Band.gifDarkshine Band -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Warrior Monk
Ruby Band.gifRuby Band -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Enlightened
Sapphire Band.gifSapphire Band -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Fatal Fist

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Leather Neckband.gifLeather Neckband 84 Valsena --
Beastman Collar.gifBeastman Collar 154 Jad --
Power Wrist.gifPower Wrist 678 Deen --
Red Moon Horn.gifRed Moon Horn 1260 Deen, Mintos --
Cardinal Eye.gifCardinal Eye 2100 Cats Monk
Mad Beast's Fang.gifMad Beast's Fang 2050 Cats Berserker
Dragon Bone.gifDragon Bone -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Monk/Brawler
Tohsei Armband.gifBeryl Armlet -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Divine Fist/Warrior Monk
Demon Neckband.gifChoker of Fury -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Enlightened/Fatal Fist

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If Charlotte is not added to the party, and Kevin is the main hero, she argues that she's 15, which leaves Kevin in disbelief, and he reveals that he's 15 as well.
  • Some of Kevin's classes have influence from different ascetic groups, most notably the Monk and the Brawler classes. They appear to have influence from G.I. Gurdjieff's work, Fourth Way, and their own respective associated religions.
    • Monk is based on Shaolin Buddhist monks, while the Brawler (Bashkar) class seems to be based on the Muslim-inspired Fakir, said to attain self mastery through intense physical training and feats. Their possible class change to the Enlightened class, is also a large connection between the two classes.
  • His body and head equipment shown in his Divine Fist (Godhand) class artwork is erroneous, as they are the Suzaku Uniform and the Ruby Headband for the Enlightened Dark/Light class.
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