Kathinja (カシンジャ Kashinja) is a character from Legend of Mana. A 29-year-old half-basilisk, Kathinja is, alongside Mephianse, Thesenis and Nunuzac, one of few professors presiding over the faculty of Geo's Academy of Magic, where she is considered to be the most popular amongst her colleagues. As a half-basilisk, Kathinja possesses the power to turn people into stone or explode objects by staring at them, a fact that grants her quite the advantage when attempting to keep the more unruly Students in check. She is known to be personally acquainted with Thesenis.



Said to be the most popular professor in the Academy of Magic, this is attributed to the fact that Kathinja is a rather laid-back individual by nature, usually regarding matters concerning her with placid ease and adopting a speech register that is markedly informal and friendly. This is especially evident in Gilbert: School Amour, where, in response to the boycott of her students, she chooses to lazily bask in the local outdoor bar until Gilbert enters the scene, whereupon she dismissively requests him to help convince the students to return to their lessons.

The attitude of the students following Kathinja in Reach for the Stars lends credence to her popularity, as they prove to be immensely loyal in their clamour to establish her superiority to Mephianse.

There is a certain limit to Kathinja's phlegmatic nature, however; when provoked, she is known to behave in an erratic fashion that is out of keeping with her normal behaviour. When Mephianse plays a prank on her in Reach for the Stars, for one, Kathinja is observed to behave in a frantic, panicked manner, prompting her to gather a group of students to halt his "nefarious" spellcasting plans. Apart from this, Gilbert's persistence in harassing her with his ostentatious proclamations of love in Gilbert: School Amour has also proven to be sufficiently irritating to goad her into petrifying him.


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LoM Kathinja Portrait
LoM Kathinja Sprite The most popular professor at the Academy of Magic, she has the power to explode things by staring at them. She always looks out for people, and is friends with Thesenis.

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