The Jungle (ジャングル Jyanguru) is a Land from Legend of Mana. Densely packed with a rich variety of tropical flora, the Jungle is a location that many, unsurprisingly, are known to lose their sense of direction in. Playing host to a group of Faeries who have sworn allegiance to the half-demon Irwin, the Jungle is presided over by one of the Seven Wisdoms, Rosiotti.


Faerie ArcEdit

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Basic OverviewEdit

Land Artifact Mana Levels LoM Land Encyclopaedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Jungle Sprite
LoM AF Medallion Sprite

LoM Overworld Wisp Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Shade Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Dryad Sprite LoM Mana Meter Dryad 2
LoM Overworld Aura Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Salamander Sprite LoM Mana Meter Salamander 1
LoM Overworld Gnome Sprite LoM Mana Meter Gnome 1
LoM Overworld Jinn Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Undine Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank

Due to the thick vegetation, many become lost in this jungle.
Others claim to have witnessed Faeries, while some say one of the Wisdoms resides here.

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