The Jumi are a humanoid race in Legend of Mana. They are central to one of the three major story arcs in the game.

Jumi resemble humans in most respects, but they have cores made of precious minerals embedded in their chests (and names that reflect the natures of their cores). Their cores are intertwined with their physical and mental health; a Jumi with a damaged core may be weakened or develop a split personality, and removing a Jumi's core from its body will inevitably kill it. Because of their cores, they do not heal the same way humans do, and human medicines are useless to ill or injured Jumi.

Jumi society includes bonded pairs of Knights and Guardians and a Clarius, the greatest of all Guardians who is responsible for healing damaged Jumi cores. They are a rare and dying race due to the popularity of their cores as precious gemstones; the already weakened race was driven to near-extinction due to the depredations of a mysterious "Jewel Hunter," but a legend that any who cry for the Jumi will turn to stone does little to elicit pity from other races.

List of known Jumi Edit

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