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A Peddan warrior and younger brother of Elena, one of Roget's closest friends. He used to look up to Roget like an older brother, but upon learning of Roget's betrayal to their homeland, his affection turned into hatred.

Heroes of Mana[]

Juhani ambushes Roget's group at golden road, and upon confirmation that Roget has "betrayed" Pedda and Elena, flies into a rage and declares Roget a traitor. Roget attempts to reason with him but his pleas fall on deaf ears and he is forced to defeat his former "little brother." A defeated but still enraged Juhani declares that Roget has no home to go to and no one waiting for him to come home, and falls off the cliff seemingly to his death.

But Juhani survived the fall, and came to challenge Roget again at the Chartmoon Tower. Roget again tries to convince him that the war is insane and that's why he's fighting, but Juhani maintains that he is a Pedda soldier and resolves to kill Roget with his own hands. Roget ends up fatally wounding Juhani this time. While he continues to say he's sorry, Juhani tells him not to be and to take care of his sister then dies in Roget's arms.

Circle of Mana[]

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